Why Does Facetime Mute When I Talk: How to Solve the Issue




Your Apple devices are not walkie-talkies. Two or more people can talk at the same time on Apple Facetime. However, is Facetime muting the other person when you are talking? This can really hamper the quality of your communication. 

The mic of the other person can be muted by Facetime to prevent feedback and echo. This is a common feature in video calling apps to ensure clear communication. You can try turning off the phone noise cancellation feature to solve the issue. 

Let’s help you out in solving the problem. This is not a major issue for which you need to call the Apple service number. It requires a simple treatment. 

How to Turn Off Noise Cancellation

Facetime mutes the other person to ensure there is no background noise when you are talking. But sometimes, you may not find the feature very helpful. Therefore, you can try turning off the noise cancellation feature on Apple devices.  

  • Open the Settings on your Apple device
  • Scroll down to find and select “Accessibility.”
  • Now tap on the “Audio/Visual” setting
  • You will find an option named “Phone Noise Cancellation.” Just toggle the switch, and the feature will be turned off.

Isn’t it a very simple process? If you still find it complicated, then watch this video. The other person can also face the same problem. See why they cannot hear you on Facetime calls

Check Your Volume

This may sound silly, but it can also happen. When you are on a Facetime call and are also listening to music, Facetime can reduce the volume. The reduced volume of your call may feel like the microphone of the other person is muted. 

  • Go to the settings.
  • Choose accessibility
  • Now select audio/visual.
  • You will find an option for audio volume. Slide the volume slider to the right in order to increase the volume. You can try to set it to max and see if you find it convenient. 

Turn Off the Audio Ducking

Audio Ducking is a helpful feature when you are using Facetime on a MacBook. Audio ducking basically intends to balance different sources of sound on your device. When you are talking on Facetime and also playing music, the feature can lower the audio of Facetime. 

  • Go to the settings app on your device
  • You will find several options here. Tap on “General.”
  • Now select “Accessibility.”
  • From here, you need to select “Voiceover.”
  • From the dropdown menu, choose “Audio.”
  • Now look for the feature Audio Ducking and click the checkbox to turn it off.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Facetime

It is not always that Facetime mutes the other person. Often, the problem is with your sound system. So, here are a few effective tips to enjoy a good quality sound on Facetime:

Use a Stable Internet Network

Both you and your caller need to have a stable internet network. Otherwise, you will face several problems while talking to each other. The sound can get choppy, the volume can get reduced, and the microphones can get muted. Therefore, both of you should have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection or a reliable mobile data connection. 

Make Sure Microphone Is Not Busy

If you cannot hear your caller properly, then ask them to check their microphone. If the microphone is engaged in some other activities, then Facetime can mute their mics. Ask them to turn off if they are playing music, recording voices, or have a camera open. 

Update Your Devices

Again, both of you should check the software updates. If there is a new update, you should also update your software. When you do not do so, there can be several issues, including Facetime calls getting muted. 

Speaker Settings

Make sure your device’s speaker volume is set to an appropriate level so you can hear the other person clearly. It is not necessary to always set the speaker to max volume. Experiment with the volume level and see which level you find more convenient. 

Use Headphones

The noise cancellation feature mostly works when you are using the speaker. Using headphones can improve the sound quality. It will also restrict your device from muting the other person. This way, you will be able to have a decent conversation. 

Keep Your Facetime Updated

Along with your system software, you should also check for regular updates of Facetime applications. You can also set it to auto-update so that you do not have to check for updates every day. When there is a new update available, your app will be updated automatically. 

Using External Microphones

It is a better option to use external microphones when you are on an important Facetime call. Ask your caller to do the same. It will help them not to be muted. You will also get to listen to them without much background noise. 


1. Can I disable the automatic muting of the other person on Facetime?

No, you cannot disable the feature on Facetime. Facetime automatically mutes the other person when you are talking so that there is no audio interference. However, turning off the noise cancellation feature on your Apple device can help. 

2. Can I mute the other person on Facetime?

There is still no direct method or feature on Facetime that you can use to mute the other person. Nonetheless, there are some third-party applications that can help you do this. You should be careful about your privacy before using such an app. 

3. Can a poor internet connection lead to microphone muting?

Yes, it can. If your or your caller’s internet connection is not stable, you can face call muting on Facetime. Facetime requires a fast and stable internet connection for undisturbed communication. 


If Facetime mutes the other person when you talk, it is to ensure a better conversation. If you find the feature annoying, then you can follow the mentioned steps to prevent Facetime from muting your caller. You can also try the other tips mentioned in the article to have better sound on Facetime. 

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