How To Leave A Facetime Groups, Calls and Prevent Them?




It is common to get added to unwanted Facetime groups. Or, you might join a group to discuss something but do not want to be a part of it anymore. Are you getting late and wondering how to leave a FaceTime group?

You can leave from both FaceTime group calls and FaceTime groups. Ask the admin to remove you or do it yourself. Leaving a group call will not end it; don’t worry about it. Either you can take leave, or the admin can remove you from the group.

Whether you want to leave yourself or ask the admin depends on personal preference. This article will show both ways, and you can use a device that is more convenient.

How to Leave A FaceTime Group Call?

It is possible to leave a group call on FaceTime without ending the call. No need to worry about other recipients. Here is how to do it.

  • Tap the screen to bring the control menu during a FaceTime call.
  • There is a red button for leaving calls. Tap on it, and you will be disconnected from the call. Other recipients will face no difficulties in carrying on their conversation.
  • Other participants will receive a notification regarding the leave. They can invite you again to join the call. You can join again anytime if the call is still going.
  • If it seems impolite to leave the call, try muting the call. Click on the mic button on your screen, and others won’t hear you. Switch to any other app, including Netflix, and enjoy the time. For a better experience, set FaceTime to be quieter and Netflix to be louder.

How to Leave a FaceTime Group?

Leaving a FaceTime call is possible in 2 ways. Leave a group from the menu or ask the admin who created the group.

Asking the Admin

Don’t know who created the group? Fine, it is possible to figure it out at any time. Look at the top right corner of the screen. There is an “i” icon there. Tap the icon to see information about the group.

There will be a list of all participants present in the call. Additionally, the person who started the call will be at the top of the list. Ask him to remove you if you want to do it in a formal way. It is not necessary, though, as leaving yourself is possible, too.

Leave the Group

When you leave the call, rejoining is possible. But once left the group, there is no rejoining. So, think again if it is what you want. If yes, then try this:

  • In the group FaceTime, tap on your own image tile at the top of the screen. This will open a popup menu with the option to “Leave Call.”
  • A confirmation prompt will appear to make sure you want to leave. Tapping “Leave” exits you out of the group call only. The call can continue with the remaining participants.

How to Prevent Others from Adding Me to Groups?

Are you getting added to unwanted calls frequently? Here are some solutions for you.

Block the Numbers

Check who is adding you in the previously mentioned process. Block this person. It is effective in preventing Facetime audio calls from unknown numbers or group calls.

In case you know none of the callers in the list of group members, block all of them. There can be more than one scammer. Blocking everyone is a safer method. Tap on the “i” icon next to the name of the person you want to block. Scroll down and tap “Block this Caller.” Confirm by tapping “Block” on the popup message.

Disable FaceTime Temporarily

Disabling FaceTime momentarily may solve the problem if you do not want to block them. Others will not find your ID and cannot add to any calls.

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Find FaceTime and tap on it.
  • There is a toggle button to disable/enable Facetime. Tap on it to disable Facetime.
  • To enable it again, toggle the button. It may ask for an Apple ID and password. Use the same ID you used on the Apple Store.

Silence Unknown Callers

Avoid unknown callers by simply silencing them. Your focus will not be hampered by their calls anymore. Your phone will not ring even if the volume is set to max. Sadly, this feature only prevents ringing phone calls.

FaceTime calls will still ring. But it is a preventive measure. Scammers often call from unknown numbers and see if their calls are picked up. When you pick up a call, they will add you to FaceTime. When being ignored on phone calls, they may avoid adding in FaceTime. Silencing unknown numbers can be done this way:

  • Settings> Phone> Calls> Tap on “Silence Unknown Callers.”

Enable DND Mode

Enabling the Do Not Disturb mode is an effective way to prevent unwanted disturbance. DND automatically silences calls from FaceTime and other applications. Turn this on before going to sleep.


  1. Can I end a group call that I did not start?

No, you cannot directly end a FaceTime group call that you did not initiate. Only the person who started the FaceTime group call has the ability to end the call for all participants. As a regular participant, you can only remove yourself by tapping your own tile and selecting “Leave Call.”

  • Is it possible to leave a FaceTime group call secretly?

No, it is not possible to leave a FaceTime group call without others noticing. When you leave a call, every other participant on the call will get a pop-up text that you have left the call.

  • Can anyone add me to a FaceTime group?

Yes, anyone with your contact information or Apple ID can add you to a FaceTime group. Be cautious about privacy settings and consider adjusting them to control who can add you to calls. Ensure your Apple ID is shared only with trusted contacts to manage group call invitations securely.

  • Can I mute someone in a FaceTime group call?

No, you cannot mute other users in a FaceTime group. A participant is only allowed to mute himself during a call. The ability to silence someone during a call could be helpful sometimes, but Apple has not introduced the feature yet.


Getting unwanted calls from unknown people is annoying and worrisome. Try blocking scammers, silencing unknown callers, or DND. Do not share your Apple ID with unknown people for enhanced privacy.

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