I Can Only See Myself on Facetime iPhone: Issues and Solutions of the Problem




You are on a video call on Facetime, and all you can see is yourself? This might puzzle you. Because traditional video calls let you see both yourself and the other callers with whom you are talking. Don’t worry, you can solve it easily.

The problem can occur due to your camera or Facetime settings. Check the settings properly to fix the problem. You can also try restarting your phone. And, of course, check the internet connection as well. 

Let’s see how you can avoid this problem and have undisturbed Facetime calls. These are going to be some very simple steps. 

How to Solve If You Can See Only Yourself on Facetime iPhone

If your Facetime is not properly working, especially not letting you see others, follow the below steps to solve the problem. 

Check Your iPhone Camera Settings.

Make sure that your camera is not turned off or blocked accidentally. To check the camera settings, 

  • Go to settings
  • Now scroll down to find and tap on Facetime
  • You will find an option inscribed as “camera.” Click on it and see if the camera is blocked. If yes, then unblock it. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Apple Facetime is a very effective and user-friendly application to have both audio and video calls in high quality. However, you need a stable and high-speed internet connection for the app to run properly. 

If your internet connection is not stable, it will not work properly. Facetime often blocks the other people’s video from your device when the internet speed is not fast enough. You will see only yourself on such occasions. Facetime does this so that you can at least carry on your voice call with low-speed internet. 

Check Your iPhone Facetime Settings

If the previous two methods have not solved your problem, then let’s try this. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings and then select Facetime
  • Select the camera setting and turn it on

Check for Software Updates

If the previous solutions have not worked for you, then check if there are any new updates available. It can be a new version of Facetime or a new iOS update. You should set auto-updates so that you do not miss any updates. Outdated software or applications often cannot perform properly. 

Restart Your Apple Device

If your iPhone Facetime is not working, you should try restarting your device. It often solves the problem. Sometimes, your phone cannot perform accurately after running for hours. Restarting the phone sets the mobile on optimal performance once again. 

Are you not sure how to restart your device? Watch this video. Here is another thing that might come to your mind. Will Facetime ring if your phone is dead or switched off?

How to Improve Facetime Video Quality?

Do you like to get disturbed by such problems when talking to your friends? No, right? Nobody does. You can avoid camera issues like you can’t see the other person on Facetime by following the below tips:

Connect to A Stable Internet Connection

Facetime calls on iPhone require a fast and stable internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, you can face such problems as your or another person’s camera not working. Even your voice can be choppy. 

Therefore, you should connect your device to a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Try to stay closer to the router so that you have a strong connection. Ask your caller to do the same. 

Close All Other Apps

Since you are on Facetime and having video calls, you surely do not need another application to run in the back. You can close those apps. This will help your device run the Facetime application optimally. 

Additionally, Facetime gets slower if run with multiple other apps when you are using mobile data. This way, Facetime will get to use mobile data properly. 

Clean the Camera and Adjust the Settings

Well, you should do it so that your caller can see you clearly. And if you are seeing your caller, then ask them to do the same. Cleaning the camera will improve the video quality. You should also keep the display of your phone neat and clean. You will get to see your caller more clearly this way. 

Improve Lighting

If you are Facetiming at night, you should ask other people to use proper light. It will help you see them more clearly. Ask them not to stand in front of a light, rather use it in front of their face. You will be able to see their faces clearly. 


1. Is there a way to switch between front and rear cameras during a FaceTime call?

Yes, you can switch between the front and rear cameras during a Facetime call on your iPhone. You only need to tap the camera icon on the screen. It allows you to switch from the selfie camera to the back camera and vice versa. 

2. What should I do if the person I’m calling can’t see me on FaceTime?

If the person you are calling cannot see you on Facetime, check your camera settings and permissions. Make sure you have access to your camera in your iPhone’s settings. Restart the Facetime app or your phone if needed. 

3. Can FaceTime work with a broken front camera?

No, Facetime will not work properly with a broken front camera on your iPhone. The front camera is important for video calls. However, you will be able to make audio calls on Facetime. 

4. Can I use FaceTime with third-party camera apps?

FaceTime is optimized to work seamlessly with the default camera app on your iPhone. While some third-party camera apps may function during FaceTime calls, they might not offer the same level of compatibility or features.


If you can only see yourself on Facetime iPhone, it means there is no issue with your device or internet connection. Follow the steps mentioned in the article, and hopefully, your problem will be solved. It is not necessary to seek Apple Service without trying to solve the issue by yourself. 

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