How to Use FaceTime Filters Before Call?




Using filters is fun during FaceTime calls. It keeps the conversation fun, light, and interesting. You can apply different filters in one-to-one and group calls. But can you use FaceTime filters before calling?

No, you cannot use any filters before calls. The features are only enabled to apply once your call has been connected. Stickers, beauty enhancers, shapes, texts, colors, and other types of filters are available to use during your FaceTime calls.

Though you can’t use the filters before calling, using them is still so much fun. Let’s see how to enable, use, and change them. Your FaceTime calls will get better and more interesting with these effects.

How to Use FaceTime Filters Before Call?

It’s quite easy to use the filters during a call. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for you to try them.

  • Make a FaceTime call with someone instead of making FaceTime calls from random email addresses.
  • Once you are connected, there will be several options on the screen. If not, tap or swipe on the screen, and they will appear.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will notice an effect icon. It kind of looks like a star. Tap on it, and some new options will come up.
  • From the new options, select the 3 colorful dots.
  • A number of effects will be available to use now. Choose the one you like. Black-and-white, memoji, blur, camcorder, etc., are few of the options. Choose any of them according to personal preferences.

Types of Filters Can Be Applied on FaceTime

FaceTime comes with a variety of filtering options. Using them makes you look funnier, better, and livelier as well, even when you are feeling tired. These filters are different from the iOS 17 gestures. Here are the types of filters you can add.

Put Some Makeup Filters

Didn’t get enough time to prepare for a call? Don’t worry. FaceTime has got you covered. It has several options to alter looks. From smooth skin to changing eye color, skin tone, and more filters are available.

These filters come in very handy when you are not prepared for a formal meeting. The effects look much better than most other applications offer.

Add A Text

Adding text during video calls is a useful feature. Think about the birthday of your friend or someone special. You can use a text to wish them a happy birthday. It’s fun and adorable. Various fonts are also available to choose from.

Use Memoji for Fun

Did the conversation with friends suddenly become dull? Or if your partner is not in the mood to talk much. Well, emojis come in very handy during such moments. These emojis are animated and are more expressive.

Try using them with friends to have some fun. The coolest thing about memoji is that it turns your face into animated characters. This looks really nice and can help you enjoy a good time with friends and family.

Add Stickers

Stickers and memoji are not the same. Add stickers, such as sunglasses, hats, caps, etc., and many more. These stickers are really nice and let you decorate appearances on your own. Add any of the elements you find to suit your mood.

Add Shapes Around You

Time to be a little bit creative. Decorate your space on the call with different shapes and make them colorful. You can add tons of likes, hearts, and other emojis, as well as shapes. Let the stars, moon, and planets move around you in a circle. It’s really a fun activity to do over the internet during a video call.

Try the Portrait Mode

Need to attend a formal meeting? Or is the background not good enough to be on a video call? Try the portrait mode. It blurs the background and holds the focus on you. This feature is particularly ideal for formal conferences.

How to Turn off FaceTime Filters?

You can always turn off the filters if you do not like them. For this, you have to locate the controls at the bottom of the screen. Then follow these steps:

  • Tap on your screen to reveal the controls.
  • Click on the effects button.
  • Tap on the filters button; the three dots one.
  • Swipe through the available filters, and eventually, you will find the none filter. Tap on it, and the filters you used will be gone.

What to Do If FaceTime Filters Do Not Work?

FaceTime filters usually work with a single tap. Sometimes, there can be some issues. Try doing the following things to solve the issue:

  • End the current call and place the call again.
  • Disable FaceTime and re-enable again after some time
  • Check the internet connection. Poor connection sometimes hampers the smooth transition with effects.
  • Check for newer updates of the FaceTime application or the operating system. Keep it updated all the time.
  • Restart device. Tapping and holding the power button will bring the restart option. Restarting devices often solves various issues on their own.


  1. Why is my face so big on FaceTime?

Your face may appear big on FaceTime due to the proximity of the device to your face, camera angles, and the position of the camera. Adjust the distance between you and the device. Try changing the camera angle to achieve a more balanced perspective during calls.

  • Are Snapchat Filters Available on FaceTime?

No, Snapchat filters are not available on FaceTime. It is true that Snapchat offers more filters and special effects. However, you cannot use them during FaceTime calls. Though FaceTime also comes with filters, they are not as popular as Snapchat.

  • Does FaceTime mirror your face?

No, FaceTime does not mirror your face by default. It displays your face as it appears to you in real life. Some devices and settings may offer an option to mirror the video feed for a different viewing perspective. This is not the default behavior in FaceTime.

  • Can I change my background using FaceTime filters?

 FaceTime does not offer built-in background changing filters. The only filter that can help you is the portrait mode, which blurs the background. To change the background completely, you need to use other applications.

  • Can I use the effects permanently?

Yes, you can set a FaceTime effect permanently during a conversation. However, the stickers, emojis, etc., that you use do not stay permanently. They disappear after a certain period of time, and you need to choose another one.


FaceTime filters add a layer of fun to FaceTime calls. Choose from a wide variety of filters and lighten up the conversation. Sadly, however, FaceTime filters do not work before calls. You need to make a call first and use them only when the call is connected. For any issues, follow the guidance provided in the upper section.

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