Random Facetime Call from Email Address: How to Solve and Prevent?




Apple devices, especially iPhones, are popular for their strict security system. However, you can still get Facetime calls from unknown numbers or random email addresses. This basically has nothing to do with Apple’s security system. 

If you get random Facetime calls from random email addresses, there is a high chance that someone is trying to spam or scam you. It does not mean that Apple has shared your personal information with anyone. It can be that the scammer randomly picked your number and is trying to scam you in different ways. 

You do not need to worry, though. You can get rid of the problem in many ways. Let’s explore the solutions and how you can use Facetime safely.

What to Do If You Get Facetime Calls from Random Email Addresses?

If you are getting Facetime calls from strangers’ email IDs, you should take some safety precautions to protect your data. Here are the things you can do:

Block the Email Address

Sometimes, many users use email addresses instead of phone numbers to make anonymous calls. If a stranger is calling you repeatedly and you are sure that it is a scammer, then you can block the account. To do so, you need to block the email address. This will solve the problem.

Make Your Facetime Profile Private

Making your Facetime profile private is an effective safety measure. Many scammers randomly try to find Facetime users to scam them. When you make your profile private, strangers will not be able to explore your account. It will save you from becoming a target of a stranger. 

Report the Spam

If you are getting spam Facetime group calls or individual calls, you must report the account. You can even report a certain email account to Apple. It will restrict the user from spamming other people. 

Ignore the Calls

This is an easy solution. If you are not familiar with the caller’s email or phone number, you can simply ignore the call. The scammer will also get bored at some time. Usually, such problems do not occur for more than four to 6 weeks. 

How to Prevent Strangers Call on Facetime?

Blocking email addresses is one option when you are getting spam calls. But how do they find you in the first place? Let’s explore these facts so that you can maintain your safety cautions:

  • You should not share your phone number associated with your Apple ID with any strangers. Your phone number is enough to find you.
  • If you have visiting cards containing your phone number, then it is easier for people to find you. A good practice is to use a phone number that is only known to a very few trusted people.
  • Do not write down your numbers on buses, trains, or other public places for fun. It can also lead to unexpected situations. 

How to Block Someone on Facetime

Blocking someone on Facetime is an effective measure to block Facetime calls on iPhone.The process of blocking an email account is very simple:

  • Open your Facetime App on your device.
  • Now check the call log to find the nuisance call.
  • Once you have found the contact, tap on the “i” icon. The icon is available beside each of the contacts in the call log.
  • You will find several options. Click on “Block This Caller.”

How to Make Your Facetime Account Private?

Making your account private can save you from Facetime calls from random numbers. Follow these steps to make your profile private:

  • Tap and open the settings app on your Apple device, such as iPhone or iPad.
  • Navigate through the options and tap on FaceTime.
  • You will see there are options such as phone number and email address just beneath the “Caller ID.” 
  • From here, you can keep your phone number private using only your email address. It will make it more difficult for scammers to find your account.


1. Why am I getting Facetime calls from unknown numbers?

If you are getting Facetime calls from random numbers, there is a high risk of being targeted by scammers. You should ignore their calls and just block them. Sometimes, you will be added to groups called. These are scams also. You must not answer and block the account. 

2. Can strangers call me on Facetime?

Yes, strangers can find you on Facetime and call you. A person needs your phone number or email address associated with your Apple ID. Make sure you are not sharing your information with others. 

3. Does Facetime allow you to only receive calls from added contacts?

No, there is still no feature of Apple to only receive calls from someone we know. It kind of affects your privacy as any person can randomly call you. You can ignore their calls, or you can also block such accounts that are spamming you. 

4. Can blocked users reach me on Facetime?

No, in a general sense, it should not be possible. The contacts you blocked on Facetime will not be able to notice your presence on Facetime. It is an effective way to keep unwanted calls from a distance. 

5. Can I hide my email address for FaceTime?

Facetime allows you to hide your phone number by adding a secondary number or email address. However, it is not possible to hide the email address completely. You can change the settings and make your decision regarding who can contact you on Facetime. 


Getting random Facetime calls from email addresses does not necessarily mean that your privacy is at stake. It can be a hint that some spammers have targeted your number to scam and spam you. You can get rid of the problems very easily. Maintain the necessary safety measures to enjoy the platform’s service.

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