What Is FaceTime Photos Must Be Enabled On Both Devices and How to Solve?




FaceTime offers some cool features during video calls. Taking live photos is one of them. However, sometimes users are displayed an error message of “FaceTime photos must be enabled on both devices.”

This notification tells you that taking live photos during the call is not possible. The primary reason is that one of the users has turned it off in their settings. It needs to be enabled by both people involved in the call. Sometimes, the message may appear despite photos being enabled.

It is a technical issue that can be solved at home with a few steps. Let’s explain the causes and show you the possible solutions for a smooth FaceTimeexperience.

What Does FaceTime Photos Must Be Enabled On Both Devices Mean?

The error message says that either you or the other person in the call needs to activate live photos. It appears when you try to take live photos during FaceTime. But the feature only works when both users have given permission.

Both you and the caller on the other end need to check the settings and sort it out. This won’t take much time. Nonetheless, sometimes the problem is more critical than this. You may need to try different other methods to solve the issue.

How to Turn on FaceTime Live Photos?

When the notification is given, the first thing to do is check the settings of the device. Are photos really turned off? If not on your end, ask the other person as well. Follow these steps to turn on FaceTimeon both iPhone and iPad.

  • Launch your device’s Settings application and find FaceTime.
  • The new screen will display multiple options with toggle buttons. Find FaceTime Live Photos and turn it on with a touch.
  • Is the toggle button already turned on? Then, turn it off and on back after a few minutes.
  • Ask your friend or the caller on the end to do the same, as FaceTime needs permission from both ends.

How to Fix the Error Message Issue?

Both of you have enabled photos, but it is still not working. Then, try performing the following actions, and your problem will be solved.

Restart the Device

For any issues within an electrical device, it’s the first step. Try this before opting for other methods. In most cases, restarting a device solves the issue.

  • For iPhone and iPad, press and hold the power button. The restart option will appear, and tap on it.
  • Click on the start menu or Apple menu if you are on a Macbook. The restart button will prompt you to select it. Another prompt notification may appear for confirmation. Confirm it, and the device is going to restart now.

Changing FaceTime Caller ID

Many users have shared that using the iCloud email addresses solved the problem for them. You can also give it a try and see if it works. Open FaceTime from Settings and then find the Caller ID. Sign out of FaceTime ID and select your iCloud email address.

Re-Enable FaceTime Application

If changing the ID did not help, then try this. Open the FaceTime app again from Settings and tap on the toggle button to turn it off. Take a break for a few minutes and re-enable it.

Sometimes, FacTime doesn’t work properly as it has been running for a long period of time, and some sort of glitches can form. Restarting the application helps in such cases.

Check for Newer Updates

Always use the latest version available of FaceTime. Using old versions often causes several issues. Your “FaceTime photos must be enabled on both devices” message can also be the result of it. Sometimes, there will be no video on FaceTime if you do not update it.

Older versions often do not work properly. Upgrade to the latest version and enjoy flawless FaceTime service. To update the application, open the FaceTime application. There will be a notification in case a newer version is available to install.

Update the Operating System

Like the older version of an application, an older operating system may not work properly. You may face issues with different options. Try to install the newer updates as early as possible,

  • Go to Settings > General > Software update > Download and Install
  • Make sure to have a stable and high-speed internet connection. Updating the operating system often takes much time. Interruption of the internet connection can prolong the time further.

Why Can’t I Turn on FaceTime Photos?

Facing difficulties in enabling photos on your device? The primary reason can be the competency of the device. The feature is not available for all app devices. Your device needs to have the following configuration:

  • iOS 12.1.4 or later versions for iPhone
  • iPads need to turn on at least on iPad 13
  • MacOS 10.15 or later


  1. How do you take a photo during a FaceTime call?

To take a photo during a FaceTime call, simply click the take picture button on your screen. Remember that to take photos, both you and the caller need to enable photos in settings.

  • Where to find FaceTimelive photos?

Regardless of your device, FaceTime live photos are saved in the Photos application. Find these photos on any device with an enabled iCloud email address. Through iCloud, you can see the same pictures from iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • Why are my FaceTime live photos disappearing?

Insufficient storage is the primary reason for FaceTime live photos disappearing. Check your storage capacity and ensure there’s enough space. Also, verify if Live Photos is enabled in FaceTime settings. If the issue persists, restart your device or update your iOS version.

  • Will the other person know if I take FaceTime photos?

Yes, both participants of the call get notifications on the screen when a picture is captured. This is to ensure that the photos are not being taken without consent. It is part of Apple’s privacy concerns regarding data and privacy.

  • Can I prevent someone from taking FaceTime live photos without permission?

Yes, it is possible to prevent others from taking your photos during FaceTime calls. Go to FaceTime settings and turn off the live photos option. FaceTime requires permission from both ends to capture photos.


Taking live photos during FaceTime calls is often useful. It helps keep moments as memories. You can also share the conversation on other social media. Different issues may lead to interference with the use of the feature. Follow the above-mentioned instructions, and you will get rid of the problem.

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