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FaceTime is an excellent way to connect with friends and family via audio and video. This platform uses the internet to connect 2 phones. As a result, you can enjoy a fun video chat experience with other Apple users without a carrier charge. What if the other person doesn’t have the internet or the phone is inactive? Will FaceTime ring if phone is dead?

When the other person’s Apple device is switched off or dead, FaceTime won’t ring. Also, if the person has an inactive internet connection, they will not be notified by the FaceTime call. Moreover, they will be unable to know if someone tries to reach you through FaceTime.

I discussed whether FaceTime rings when your Apple device is off or dead. Let’s get going.

Will FaceTime Ring if Phone is Dead?

No, FaceTime will not ring if the phone is dead.

Before answering the query, it is important to know how FaceTime works.

  • FaceTime app works only when it runs in the background. So, if your phone is dead, FaceTime fails to run in the background, meaning no app is working on your iPhone.
  • Active internet connection or cellular data or Wi-Fi is a must for FaceTime to run. In case your phone is switched off or dead means the device can’t connect to the internet.

So, it is evident that FaceTime doesn’t ring when your phone is dead and not connected to an active internet connection.

However, you can still get the ring of a FaceTime audio and video call when your phone is off.

Wondering, how?!

You will receive a FaceTime call if you sign in to another Apple device like MacBook or iPad using your same Apple ID and connected to an active internet.

As long as your device is powered off, there are no alternative ways to reach the person you call.

Even if your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad is turned on without the internet, your device will not ring.

Yet, Apple users will be notified of a missed FaceTime video or audio call if they have cellular data instead of Wi-Fi.

In the meantime, a generic message will appear on the caller’s phone about the other person’s availability mentioning, “Unavailable to FaceTime.”

In a nutshell, FaceTime will not ring when your phone is powered off.

What Does “Unavailable” Mean in FaceTime?

So, you FaceTime a person heard a few rings and then received a message saying, “FaceTime Unavailable.”

You must be wondering why my iPhone shows this message.

Well, let me explain.

Your iPhone may show a “FaceTime Unavailable” message for several reasons. Let’s explore the common ones.

  • The Receiver is Unavailable

You will get a message when the receiver is unavailable to pick up your call.

So, the next question is, why do I hear rings?

A ring on your side means Apple is trying to connect to the other person. The person is unavailable; their phone is switched on but not connected to the internet.

  • The Recipient is Engaged in Other Works

When the receiver is attending another important call, they often won’t pick up the FaceTime call. In such cases, the same message will appear on your Apple device.

  • The Receiver is Attending Another FaceTime Call

The person you are trying to reach might be attending another FaceTime audio or video call. If they decline your call and don’t prefer to put you on hold, you will get the “FaceTime Unavailable” message.

  • Other Causes

There are some other probable reasons which are,

a) Declined your FaceTime call for any reason

b) The person doesn’t have an internet connection and no possibility of connecting to a temporary internet


Does FaceTime not work when the phone dies?

No, FaceTime doesn’t work when the phone dies. In order to run or enjoy a FaceTime audio and video call, it is crucial to keep your iPhone turned on or connected to an internet connection. Since your Apple device will not be connected to the internet when the phone dies, FaceTime will not work.

Can you see missed FaceTime calls if your phone is off?

The straightforward answer is a BIG NO.

“Missed Calls” are used when you fail or don’t pick up a call. When your phone is off, it has no internet connection. Therefore, whether FaceTime audio and video calls or conventional calls are not reaching your phone. More importantly, the FaceTime app doesn’t have a method to track those calls. Consequently, you will not be notified of FaceTime calls made by a person to you when your phone is switched off.

How do I use FaceTime if I have an inactive iPhone?

There is a solution!

You can still use FaceTime while having an inactive iPhone. Here are the conditions.

  • You have to have an active iOS device like iPad or MacBook
  • Your device has an internet connection
  • You are signed in to the FaceTime app on the device using the same Apple ID that you used on the iPhone

How to know if someone calls you on FaceTime when your iPhone is off?

No mechanism can help you understand that someone calls you on FaceTime when your iPhone is off.

How long does a FaceTime call ring for?

The duration of FaceTime rings while calling someone varies based on the recipient’s response. FaceTime typically rings 11 times before indicating the unavailability of the person you’re calling. However, if the person is unavailable or declines your call, FaceTime may ring for a shorter duration.

Wrapping Up

So, here’s the deal: if you’re wondering if FaceTime will ring if phone is dead, the answer is a simple ‘nope.’ There won’t be any magical ringing sounds when their device runs empty. 

But don’t fret! Once they charge up their trusty phone, you’ll be able to reconnect and catch up on all the latest gossip. Remember, no FaceTime ringing will wake up a dead phone. Patience is key!

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