Why Doesn’t My Phone Charge on FaceTime? Truth is Revealed




Have you ever experienced the frustration of your phone not charging while using FaceTime? It’s a common issue faced by many users.

When charging your phone during a FaceTime call, don’t rely on a 5W power adapter—it just won’t cut it. FaceTime is a power-hungry app that drains your battery quickly. To combat this issue, go for the original 12W Apple power adapter. It’s the way to go if you want uninterrupted FaceTime sessions without worrying about your phone running out of juice.

Let’s dive deeper into why doesn’t my phone charge on FaceTime sessions and explore the best solution to this dilemma.

Why Doesn’t My Phone Charge on FaceTime?

If your phone doesn’t charge in FaceTime, be remindful that the low-wattage power adapter is responsible for that. 

Generally, a power adapter was available with all iPhone models until the iPhone 12. The wattage of these power adapters was 5W. 

Sometimes, you may need to put your iPhone on the charger while Facetiming. You must have noticed that the charging icon appears normal in such a situation. 

But the battery % may not increase after charging the iPhone for a decent amount of time.

When it happens, be sure the 5W power adapter is causing the problem. This much wattage is suitable for the below conditions,

  • If you use your iPhone infrequently
  • If you keep the Airplane mode turned on most of the time

So, if you want your iPhone to be charged on FaceTime, use a high-wattage power adapter. This statement is also applicable if you use the phone frequently. 

Can Your Phone Charge When on FaceTime?

The straightforward answer is YES.

At the same time, a few questions must be running in your mind. For instances,

Will the charging time be longer when I charge my iPhone while using FaceTime?

Will there be any impact on the battery health if I charge my iPhone while using FaceTime?

Let me explain.

FaceTime requires a lot of iPhone energy to function properly. That is why, when you use FaceTime, you will find that battery draining happens faster than usual. 

Smartphones generally need more power than they can handle, which is no exception for iPhones. The iPhone usually requires more power with each new version.

Nevertheless, newer versions are not released with optimized power adapters to cope with the energy requirements of new phones. 

However, there is no problem charging your iPhone when using FaceTime. But the charging quality depends on a few points. These are the wattage of the power adapter and the iPhone version.

If you want effective performance from your iPhone battery, get a power adapter with higher wattage. 

However, even after using a higher-wattage battery adapter, you may experience charging issues. Several reasons are culprits in such a case.

  • The broken cable of your power adapter

Are you using the power adapter cable for an extended period?

If you are getting poor performance from your higher-wattage adapter, the internal wire of the cable is likely broken or worn. 

It means the wires beneath the thread are not intact, causing your power adapter to be less effective.

  • Improper function of the power brick

Ever dropped your power brick accidentally? 

If yes, then the brick must have been damaged internally. As a result, the brick might not function at its best. 

Although, the chance of such a thing is lower. However, it can still happen if you drop the brick accidentally.

  • The problem with the iPhone

One of the excellent features of iPhone OS is a battery management system. This feature optimizes the battery consumption of the running apps. 

If the feature is not performing correctly, repair the iPhone. 

Can I Make My iPhone Charge Faster on FaceTime?

We adjusted our life a lot during and after the pandemic. Many people are now interacting with their family members more than before. Meaning that people are now making use of the iPhone to stay socialized. 

As a result, people spend more time on different social platforms. You may need to charge your device faster and constantly.

So, how to charge your iPhone faster.

As mentioned, the iPhone comes with low-wattage adapters, which are less powerful enough to charge your iPhone when using FaceTime or other social sites frequently.

Therefore, is there any solution?

Happily, Apple introduces 12W power adapters. It is a more suitable option to charge your Apple device faster. 

However, these adapters are used in laptops; simultaneously, they are safe to charge with an iPhone. 

A 12W power adapter will help you charge your iPhone faster. 

If you own the iPhone 13 and later series, you are in luck! iPhone 13 comes with a better battery than other earlier versions. So, the 13 series and later versions charge faster even when you are on a FaceTime call.

An iPhone 13 can be charged with a 27W power adapter. The power adapter will charge the iPhone from zero to a hundred in roughly 86 minutes. 


Do iPhones charge when on FaceTime?

Usually, yes, but FaceTime drains iPhone charge faster, which makes the charging much slower. However, if you charge less, keep the charger plugged into your iPhone when on FaceTime. 

How do I save battery on my iPhone while on FaceTime?

The good news is that you can use the battery-saving mode on your iPhone while on FaceTime. Follow the below points,

– Turn low power mode on
– Disable auto answer
– Turn push notifications off for rarely used apps
– Enable auto-lock feature

How long does the iPhone 14 battery last on FaceTime?

Some new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners find Apple’s claims of “up to” 20 and 25 hours of video streaming insufficient.

How many watts are enough for an iPhone?

Using a 5W power adapter is insufficient for charging your phone using FaceTime. It is because of the app’s high energy requirements and significant battery consumption. Utilizing the original 12W Apple power adapter is recommended to mitigate this drain.

Final Words

By reading this comprehensive guide, you get the answer to the question, why doesn’t my phone charge on FaceTime?

In fact, the power-hungry nature of FaceTime can leave your phone struggling to charge. That doesn’t mean your iPhone is not charging. Your phone is getting charged, but the rate is impressively slow as FaceTime consumes all the battery charge.

It is better to charge your iPhone fully before using FaceTime. Avoid using your iPhone when on FaceTime. Although it is not prohibited, doing so will always be helpful.

Keep the conversation flowing and the power flowing! Stay connected without the charging hassle!

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