Why Does My Facetime Hang Up After 4 Hours: Reasons and Solution?




Talking to your friends and loved ones on a holiday makes you lose track of time, especially when you can also watch movies together. So what if you are watching it online on FaceTime? Apple lets you use Facetime as long as you want. However, many users shared that their Facetime keeps hanging up after four hours.  

Facetime can automatically hang up due to poor internet connection, new updates for your device, call duration settings on your phone or carrier, or some issues in the Facetime settings. Usually, your Apple device or Facetime has nothing to do with this problem. 

Let’s see what you can do to solve this problem and continue your conversation without interruption.

Reasons Why Your Facetime Hangs Up After Four Hours

As mentioned already, Apple or Facetime does not set any limit on your phone calls on Facetime. You can carry on your fun as long as you want. Then, “Why does my phone keep hanging up on Facetime?” Is that what you are thinking? Well, it can be because of the following reasons:

Carrier’s Limitation

One of the major reasons why your Facetime hangs up by itself can be the limitation set by your carrier. This problem is common among users who use a mobile network for internet connection. Many mobile networks have limitations on calls you can make.

Mobile networks set limitations on Facetime calls, or calls in general, to ensure that customers are not exceeding their plan limits. Besides, it can also happen that you went to sleep without hanging up. So, mobile networks tend to help you by setting a limit. So, does this mean Facetime calls will show up on mobile bills?

Poor Internet Connection

Even you can understand this problem. Internet connections are often not stable. No matter whether you are using cellular data or Wi-Fi. So, your Facetime hanging after four hours may not have anything to do with time at all. It is just a disturbance of the internet connection. This can also be a reason for Facetime audio calls not working

Low Battery

Now, this is a problem related to your device. Using Facetime for four hours will surely drain much battery power. Sometimes, your Facetime call hangs up immediately if the battery is very low and your device is about to get shut down. 

Call Settings

This can also be a reason for your calls to hang up after a certain period of time. Though there is no such option on Facetime yet, maybe you have other apps that limit your internet use. Check all the applications properly. Study apps often come with such features. 

Software Issues

Your Facetime can hang up automatically after some time if your software is out of date. Check if there are any updates for your iOS or Facetime. 

How to Stop Facetime from Hanging Up?

Though calling back on Facetime does not require much effort, it disturbs your conversation. You can get rid of this problem easily. Just keep an eye on the following issues:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, then stay near the router. 
  • Keep your software updated. You can check on the App Store for regular updates. You can also set auto updates when there is a new version available. It will save you from forgetting. 
  • Sometimes, errors in the date and time settings of your device can affect the performance of other applications. Since Apple sets your time and date automatically, you should not try to tamper with it in the first place. 
  • Restart your device, and hopefully, the problem will be solved.
  • You can try resetting if the problem keeps happening. 

Do You Need to Seek Professional Help?

Facetime hanging up after four hours may not be a big problem. But if it keeps happening, then it might be a concert. After all, small problems can turn into big ones soon. Should you seek professional help?

You should first try to solve the issue yourself. Try to follow the solutions provided above. If the problem remains, then you can contact Apple Support for further assistance. However, it is not necessary to seek professional help as soon as you notice the problem


1. Does Facetime automatically hang up?

No, Facetime does not have any such feature to hang up automatically. Nonetheless, this can happen due to poor internet connection, carrier’s limit, battery issues, or software updates. 

2. Why does Facetime hang up when I answer?

Facetime calls can hang up for various reasons, such as poor internet connection, wrong date and time on your device, outdated software, and overheating. 

3. What should I do if my FaceTime keeps hanging up?

You should check your internet connection, as well as the other person’s internet connection, update your software, and if the problem still exists, contact Apple Support.

4. How can I check the duration of a FaceTime call?

To check the duration of a FaceTime call, access your call log after the call ends, then tap the “i” icon next to the FaceTime call entry to view the call duration.

5. How do the wrong time and date affect FaceTime calls?

If the date and time of your device are incorrect, Facetime service may not recognize your device as it will be a mismatch with the server’s date and time. Additionally, it can also have an impact on other applications’ performance. 


You can see that Facetime is not responsible for the interruptions on your phone calls or hanging up after four hours. It is mostly due to the mobile networks’ policy, internet connection speed, or issues with your device, such as low battery and outdated software. This is typically not a big problem to worry about. You can fix the issue by following the above-mentioned steps. 

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