Why Do My Eyes Look Weird on Facetime: How to Solve It?




FaceTime lets you have high-quality video conversations. You can see the person you are talking to. But suddenly, you look at yourself on the screen and wonder, “Why do my eyes look weird on Facetime? Well, a lot of other users have also asked the same question. 

Your eyes look weird on FaceTime due to Apple’s “eye contact” feature. The feature utilizes augmented reality to make it look like you are looking at the camera, though you are not. It creates an illusion that you are maintaining eye contact. But since your eyes remain in the same spot, it looks unreal and weird. 

You can keep your eyes normal on FaceTime if you want. This article will help you to do so. 

Why Do My Eyes Look Weird on Facetime

Why Does the “Eye Contact” Feature Look Creepy?

Apple introduced the “eye contact” feature in 2019, though most people only noticed it recently. Some people find it difficult to maintain eye contact during a conversation. It can be because of shyness or nervousness. The feature is quite useful for them. 

The eye contact feature on Facetime takes advantage of augmented reality. If you do not move your face much, it will look like natural eye contact on Facetime. However, sometimes, the eyes get bigger and do not match the jaw angle. It provides a weird look vibe to your eyes. Some people even find it creepy as the eyes remain fixed on a single spot. It makes you creepier when you are smiling, and your eyes get enlarged on the screen, 

In case you have not noticed it yet, then try screen recording the call and see how weird and creepy you may look sometimes in a call. By the way, Apple lets its users know if someone is screen recording Facetime. So, you should only record the call with permission. 

How to Disable the “Eye Contact” Feature on iPhone

Though the iPhone eye contact is helpful for some people, many users find it creepy and annoying. To your relief, it is possible to disable Facetime eye contact settings. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to turn off eye contact on Facetime. 

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone/iPad or the device you are using.
  • Scroll down to find Facetime and tap on it.
  • The new page will have multiple options. Look for the “eye contact” option. 
  • There will be a toggle button beside the “eye contact” option. Tap it, and the Facetime eye correction feature will be off during your calls. 

Factors to Consider Before Turning off Eye Contact

You must be wondering if Apple Facetime eye contact makes you look creepy and weird, then why did the company add the feature in the first place? Well, there are some potential benefits of the feature. Therefore, you should consider the following factors before you turn it off. 

  • Maintaining eye contact can enhance communication. The feature is especially helpful when you are having a meeting with your boss or colleagues. 
  • The feature is also helpful when you are talking to your loved ones. Not maintaining eye contact can annoy the other person, and they may lose interest in the conversation.
  • It makes you confident during an online conference or interview if it takes place on FaceTime. 
  • Prolonged eye contact can sometimes make the other person uncomfortable. In such conditions, it is better to turn it off. 


1. Why does Facetime make my eyes look weird?

Facetime often distorts facial features due to its camera’s wide-angle lens and digital processing of your live image. The distortion can make your eyes bigger and a little unnatural. The miscalculation of the angle and the distortion can make your eyes appear weird.

2. Does Facetime edit your face?

Yes, Facetime edits your face using augmented reality to adjust your eye contact. The aim is to enhance the quality of the conversation and ensure user satisfaction. However, this sometimes alters facial features slightly. But is it not a deliberate editing process like regular photo editing tools? 

3. Why does Facetime make my eyes look bigger?

Facetime often makes your eyes appear bigger as it uses a wide-angle lens and digital processing to adjust eye contact. Sometimes, your face gets distorted because of the angle of the camera and your facial movement, resulting in bigger eyes. 

4. Does Facetime put a filter on my eyes?

Well, technically, Facetime does not put any filter on your eyes. Instead, it uses augmented reality to adjust your eye contact. The aim is to improve your conversation experience, not to change your appearance deliberately. 

5. Can I use Facetime eye contact on an iPhone 11 Pro?

The “eye contact” feature on Facetime is available only on a few models of iPhone. But yes, you can use the feature on iPhone 11 Pro. If it is already not working during calls, then go to settings and enable the feature. 


The usefulness of technology varies from individual to individual. While the eye contact feature of Apple Facetime can be very handy for some users, some may find it creepy and annoying. You can disable the feature by following the steps mentioned above. You can also turn it on later in the same process if you want to. 

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