10 Reasons Why Do Guys Like To Facetime at Night and What to Do




Facetime is a great app for couples to talk to each other with full privacy. There is no risk of calls being taped with unwanted screenshots, and the quality of the calls is superb, too. But does the guy you like mostly want to Facetime at night? This is a common habit among guys. 

Most guys have jobs and other things to do during the daytime, which keeps them busy. The night is the perfect time for them to talk to someone special with complete peace and silence. Besides, the weather and the environment get much more romantic at night.  

Let’s explore the reasons why guys like to Facetime at night instead of in the daytime and what your approach should be. 

10 Reasons Why Guys FaceTime at Night

There can be a lot of different reasons for such behavior of men using Facetime. Here are some of the common reasons that most guys go through and opt to talk to at night:

He has a job or Business During the Day.

Isn’t this the most obvious reason? Everybody has several things to do, especially when it is not a holiday. People have jobs and businesses to take care of. It makes him busy, and probably he can’t pay his full attention to you. Therefore, he chooses to talk to you at night. 

He Feels Comfortable at Night

Talking to a special person is always comforting. However, imagine this: you are standing in a metro and talking to a special person. Will you be able to talk comfortably? No, right? A more comfortable scenario would be lying on the bed or standing on the balcony under the mood and talking to someone you care about.

You Can Be Busy Too

Some guys want to maintain a proper, caring attitude without being too nosy. They assume that you are busy and do not want to disturb you. If you feel disturbed during work, you might not like to talk to him positively afterward. This is also a sign that the guy is serious about the relationship. 

Less Distraction

When someone FaceTimes you at night, it shows that he wants to pay full attention to you. But it is not possible during this time. There can be hundreds of reasons for not being able to do so. That is why they choose to Facetime you at night. Let’s hope you do not face Facetime calls failing overnight.

They Want to Be Special

This is a common tendency of men. Some men do not want to get stuck in the friend zone. It is normal to talk to someone during the daytime, even on Facetime. But you are surely not going to have a video conversation on Facetime without everyone at night. It makes him feel special when you allow him to Facetime you at night. 

Nights Are Romantic

Does it need any explanation? For centuries, nights have been considered the most romantic hours of the day. The high-quality video calls on Facetime can make it more special and romantic. There will be no noise, dim lights, and you two. Why shouldn’t the guy want to Facetime you at night, then?

They Sometimes Act Silly

You know what society thinks of men. They are likely to be grumpy, tough, and all. But they, too, want to be goofy and do silly things with their beloved person. They may act more cheerful and act differently if there is no one around, which you will find more attractive. Since they cannot be so goofy during the day, they prefer to Facetime at night. 

He Might Feel Lonely

If the guy is calling you at night, it also indicates that you are special to him. After a long day of stressful work, talking to you makes him better. He forgets loneliness and finds happiness. You should feel lucky if he chooses to Facetime you at night instead of spending the night watching movies or playing games. 

Intimacy and Connectivity

Haven’t you felt the same already? When we talk to someone at night, we feel more connected to the person. You can open up more at night than in the day. Maybe this has something to do with the darkness and the quietness of the environment.

He Lives in a Different Time Zone

Let’s give you a very practical time zone. If you two are in two different time zones, then it is difficult to find a suitable time for both of you. Maybe the time he is calling is, although night at your place is the most convenient time for him to call you. 

What to Do When a Guy FaceTimes You at Night

There is no denying that guys like to Facetime at night. But what should you do on such an occasion? Well, it mostly depends on which stage of relationship you are with your caller. For example,

If you have just started dating, then it is okay to flirt with each other day and night. You can also share each other’s day activities to learn more about each other. Try to have light chats, as this will improve the interaction between you two and strengthen the bond. 

On the other hand, if you are already in a strong and established relationship, you can use the time for expressive love for each other. Share how much you miss him, and try to learn more about his personality. You can also ask about his work, as it will show that you care. 

As you will be on a video call, it is best to look nice during the call. You do not need to put on heavy makeup; just make yourself fresh. Keep smiling and have some humor. 


1. Does FaceTiming at night indicate a deeper connection?

Surely, it does. Whether you are on FaceTime with your friend or lover, it always shows a deeper connection as people only like to talk to somebody at night when they treat the other person as someone special.

2. How to look good on Facetime at night?

To look good on Facetime at night, you can use a ring light or other wall lights in front of you. You should not use any light on your back. It will cast an awkward shadow. Keep your camera at your eye level to maintain eye contact. 

3. Does Facetime have night vision?

No, Facetime does not have any features called night vision. You can use a light in front of your face, or if it is quite dark, you can increase the brightness of your device for ambient light. 


Guys often want to Facetime at night, and there can be plenty of reasons for this. They feel more comfortable, more relaxed, more connected, and more romantic. Besides, both of you are most likely to be free and can pay full attention to each other. Facetime at night is really a romantic act indeed. 

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