Why do Facetime Calls Fail Overnight?




Connecting with family and friends with Facetime is super easy. Facetime has a user-friendly interface, allowing iOS users to stay connected with their beloved ones for a whole night. Unfortunately, some users complained that their Facetime calls failed during the night. So, why do Facetime calls fail overnight? Is it normal?

There are many culprits. Be remindful that when your phone is locked, Facetime will end. Also, fluctuation of the network connectivity could be another reason. Additionally, it can also be caused by too many apps running in the background.

Such an issue is frustrating and confusing at the same time. In this comprehensive guide, I explained the possible reasons and what needs to be done. Let’s get going.

Why do Facetime Calls Fail Overnight?

As mentioned, overnight FaceTime call failures can occur due to several causes. Let’s explore the reasons behind them.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Fluctuating internet connection is one of the prime reasons for failed Facetime calls overnight. A few factors are responsible for that:

  • Your Wi-Fi router is functioning inappropriately. Make sure the router is turned on and delivering precise performance. In case it fails to provide, restart it.
  • You are probably making a Facetime audio and video call with poor cell reception. Go to an area having better cell reception and try Facetiming.
  • Ask the person you call whether they are facing an internet connection problem. If yes, recommend troubleshooting the issue.

2. Backdated Facetime App

Did you update the latest version of the Facetime app?

If not, a backdated Facetime application could be the culprit. When you don’t update your Facetime app on time, bugs or glitches can cause the app to crash. In addition, the app may be incompatible with the updated version of iOS.

In order to update your Facetime app to the latest version, go to the App Store on your device. If any update is available for Facetime, ensure updating it.

3. Overheating

Overheating is common for every device when you use them without a break. When an iPhone is overheated, it starts shutting down the apps. Thus, the device protects itself. 

Facetime requires an active internet connection. Simultaneously, it needs other resources to keep the audio and video call running perfectly. 

So, how to prevent this?

The solution is the simplest one.

Avoid using your device for a prolonged time, particularly during hot weather. If you notice your iPhone is overheated, stop using it and place it in a cool place for at least 1 hour. Thus, your device will get enough time to cool.

4. Problem with the Facetime App

Facetime apps can have problems, contributing to failed calls overnight.

  • Limited Call Time: There is no restriction regarding the Facetime call limit. A few users claimed their call was dropped overnight after a particular time. Limited call time could be a potential reason for Facetime calls to fail overnight.
  • Facetime Server Downtime: Facetime relies on its server for a seamless connection. Often, the server may experience outages or downtime.
  • Limited Screen Time: Ever set time limitation settings on your iPhone? iOS devices come with a screen time feature, allowing you to set a time for specific apps. If you set time for the Facetime app accidentally or intentionally, you may face a Facetime video or audio cut out  after the allocated time. 

5. Error in the iOS Device

Facetime call failures overnight can also happen because of errors in the iOS device. 

  • Low Battery: Facetime consumes a lot of charge, causing a low battery. Facetime call failures can occur if power-saving mode is activated in your iPhone for the low battery. 
  • Glitches in the Device Software: Infrequently, device glitches can also be responsible for call failure on Facetime overnight. So, update your device software regularly. It will help minimize problems related to device bugs or glitches. Simultaneously, the regular update improves call stability. 

How to Stay on a Facetime Call Overnight without an End

Undoubtedly, a Facetime call failure overnight is a frustrating incident. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay on a Facetime call overnight without interruption for an extended period.

A Steady Internet Connection is the Key

Facetime will not work without an internet connection. Both the caller and receiver have to have a steady internet connection.

Whether cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, ensure that you and the person’s device are connected to a strong internet connection. Poor internet increases the chances of getting disconnected for connectivity complications.

Ensure 100% Charge of the Device

Your iOS device must be 100% charged before making a Facetime audio or video call. A low battery can end your Facetime call abruptly.

Be Attentive to the Call

Staying attentive to the call is also vital. Although you may not be attentive to a Facetime call for a whole night, occasional checking is needed if the call is active. To make the process easier, set up an alarm to ensure the call is active.

Turn off VPN

Are you using VPN on your iPhone?

Usually, VPN interferes with internet connection, causing disconnect issues. It would be best to keep the VPN turned off when Facetiming.


Does Facetime hang up automatically after a particular time?

No, FaceTime does not hang up automatically after a specific time. The duration of a FaceTime call depends on the participants and their preferences. However, network or device limitations, such as a low battery or poor connection, can abruptly cause a call to end.

Why Does My FaceTime Keep Failing with One Person?

There could be several reasons why FaceTime fails with one specific person or certain contacts. Some possibilities include incompatible devices or software versions, network connectivity issues, or restrictions set on FaceTime by either party. It’s best to ensure both devices have the latest updates and check for any settings or restrictions that may be causing the problem.

Can FaceTime last overnight?

Yes, FaceTime calls can last overnight. FaceTime calls have no inherent time limit. So, as long as both participants have a stable internet connection and their devices are charged, the call can continue for an extended period, including throughout the night.

Do FaceTime calls have a time limit?

FaceTime calls do not have a specific time limit. The duration of a FaceTime call can depend on factors such as device battery life, network connectivity, and available storage space. However, other factors like network limitations or carrier restrictions could affect the call duration.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know why Facetime calls fail overnight. You can try a wide range of different solutions to stay connected through Facetime overnight. 

In case nothing works for you, visit your nearest Apple center. They will help you deal with the frustrating problem. 

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