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Facetime makes communication easier with people at a distance. The top-notch audio and video quality is what makes your experience much better. However, you may face some troubles with Facetime at times. One of them is that you can hear the other person, but people cannot hear you on Facetime.  

The problem can happen due to several reasons, such as your microphone not working, you have lowered your volume, your iOS requires an update, and issues with your Bluetooth devices if you are using any. 

No matter what the reason is, it can be solved. Let’s explore the solution to this problem so that you can have your communication going on. 

How to Fix Facetime Microphone?

Since the other person cannot hear you, and you can hear them, then the problem is with your device. There can be little differences in approach for different devices. 

Fixing Facetime Mic for MacBook

If you are using Facetime on a MacBook, then you can solve the mic issue in the following way. 

  • Go to Facetime microphone settings from the “video” menu on Facetime. You will find a list of available devices for the microphone. Choose the one you want to use. 
  • Click the apple icon that you will find at the top left corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, restart your device.

Now call someone and see if they can hear you. If still your Facetime microphone is not working on Mac, then the problem can be with your device, not with Facetime. Follow the below-mentioned steps now:

  • Go to your computer’s system preferences.
  • From the various options, select “Sound.”
  • Click on “input.”
  • Make sure a device is already selected under “Select a device for sound input.” If there is no device selected, select one now. 
  • Check the “input volume” option and move the slider completely to the right for max volume.
  • Test the input level now.
  • If the volume level is alright, then you can consider selecting “use ambient noise reduction” for better sound quality. 

You can also face audio problems on your side as well, especially when you are playing music in the background. Here is how to stop Facetime from lowering the volume of Mac.

Fixing Facetime Mic for iPhone or iPad

  • If Facebook audio is not working, it is better to start the process by restarting your device.
  • Launch the settings on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Scroll down to Facetime and select it.
  • You will see an option called Microphone with a toggle button. Press and enable it.
  • The other person cannot hear you on Facetime for privacy reasons as well. So, go to settings again and tap on “Privacy.”
  • Select Microphone
  • There will be a list of permitted apps where the microphone is allowed to work. Find Facetime and enable the toggle button. 
  • If the problem still remains, then you can reinstall the application. 

Unmute Yourself

This is a silly problem, but it can happen. See if you have muted yourself on the call. Check the microphone icon when you are on Facetime. You can turn it on simply by clicking or tapping on it. Sometimes, the microphone will show that you are not muted. Still, you can try mute and unmute the mic. 

Contact Apple Support Number

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then there can be some major issues with your device. You should call the Apple support number for service. Check your paper to see if you are eligible for free Apple service. 

How to Improve Facetime Microphone Quality? 

If your microphone is working now, then congratulations. However, you can maintain some effective tips to have better quality audio. Check the table below carefully:

Clean Your MicrophoneEnsure your device’s microphone is free from debris or dust that may block it. Use a soft brush or compressed air.
Check Microphone PermissionsVerify that FaceTime has permission to access the microphone in your device’s settings.
Consider Using an External MicrophoneFor improved sound quality, think about using an external USB or Bluetooth microphone.
Ensure a Stable Internet ConnectionA strong and fast internet connection is essential for clear audio. Use Wi-Fi with a good signal or reliable mobile data.
Minimize Background NoiseSelect a quiet environment for FaceTime calls to reduce background noise. Close windows and doors if necessary.
Keep Software UpdatedRegularly update your device’s operating system and FaceTime app to benefit from performance improvements.


1. Why can’t people hear me on iPhone Facetime?

If people cannot hear you on Facetime, check if you have muted yourself. If not, then check the microphone settings as well as privacy. There can also be issues with external microphones if you are using any. 

2. How do you reduce background noise on Facetime calls?

There is no specific background noise removal on FaceTime. However, you will find such a feature on your Apple device in the microphone settings. Closing windows, minimizing gadgets, and noise-canceling microphones can also help.

3. Why is FaceTime audio choppy?

If your audio is choppy, it has little to do anything with Facetime. This can primarily happen due to an unstable internet connection. Make sure that you have a stable and high-speed Wi-Fi connection or a reliable mobile data network.

4. Can playing background music influence the Facetime mic?

Yes. Playing music in the background while being on Facetime can influence the microphone quality. The other person will find echoes, distortions, and difficulty in hearing your voice clearly. 


There can be several reasons for other people not to hear you on Facetime. You should not panic, though. Follow the instructions provided in the above, and hopefully, the problem will be solved. In case they do not work, contact the Apple Service near you. 

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