Why Are My Missed Facetime Calls Not Showing: Reasons and 6 Solutions!




Someone called you on Facetime, but you were not near your device to answer it. Thankfully, there is a Facetime call history where you can find missed Facetime calls. Checking Facetime logsensures that you are not missing any important calls. However, you just noticed that your missed Facetime calls are not showing.

This is a minor but commonly faced problem by Apple users. It can happen due to your Facetime app being disabled, low storage, outdated software, or any potential bug in the device.

Let’s explain these issues in detail and see what you can do to solve the issue. It is not required to go for professional service without trying to solve it yourself. 

How to Fix Missed Facetime Calls Not Showing?

If your Facetimemissed calls is not showing in the call log on your iPhone or on other Apple devices, try the following processes. 

Enable the Facetime App

A common reason for you not receiving missed Facetime call notifications is disabling the app. The problem will be solved as soon as you enable it. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the settings app of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down to find and tap on Facetime.
  • Now you will see not many options if Facetime is disabled. There is a toggle button to enable Facetime. Tap it, and the app will be enabled. 

Use Search Feature

An easy way to find missed Facetime call notifications is by using the search feature on your device. Follow these steps:

  • Come to the home screen
  • Swipe down and go to search
  • Now type “Facetime” in the search bar, and you will get the recent Facetime calls history on your screen
  • Try searching for a person’s name to see the Facetime calls with that individual caller.

Check Storage Space

Facetime calls not showing can result from a lack of storage on your device. If you have tried the previous steps and are still facing the problem, then lack of storage can be the possible reason. 

When you do not have enough space, Facetime cannot find space to save the call history. Check the memory of your Apple device in the following steps:

  • First, go to the settings app of your mobile or Mac device.
  • Now tap on General from the settings.
  • Select iPhone storage from the several menus you find there. 
  • If you are very low on storage, try clearing some memory to make way for Facetime.
  • You can increase the memory by deleting unused apps, unused files, and deleting photos and videos that you no longer find important.
  • You can also try deleting some of the app’s data in case it is taking up a lot of storage.

Update the Facetime Application

Apple keeps updating its applications to ensure smoother service for its users. When there is a new update, and you do not update your device or the particular application, there can be minor bugs. 

Check on the App Store if a new version of Facetime is available. If so, then update the app, and your problem will be solved. You should set an auto update from the settings so that you do not miss the next update. Watch this video for help. 

Restart Your Device

You have enough storage, and the application is also updated. Then why are there no missed Facetime call notifications? Sometimes, the solution to the problem is simpler than you think. 

Restart your device and see what happens. Restarting your apple device clears temporary caches, closes background apps, and reinitializes the system processes. Additionally, a restart can refresh the network settings and help your Facetime work properly. 

Use Siri

Using Siri to receive Facetime missed call updates is a very convenient option. You can simply ask Siri to show your Facetime call history, and it will. Whether the app is enabled or disabled, Siri is able to show you the call history without wasting any time. 

How to See Facetime Call History

If you use Facetime on your iPhone or iPad and want to explore the call history, you can do this by following the below steps:

  • Launch the Facetime app on your mobile
  • You will see a list of calls as soon as you open the application
  • Some names will be marked red. These are the calls you have missed. 

The process to see Facetime history on Mac is also the same. You will find a call log on the left-hand side of your screen after launching the app. Audio calls and video calls have different symbols. Wondering why anyone would use Facetime audio instead of an audio call


1. How do I see missed Facetime calls?

It is a simple process to find the missed Facetime calls. Just launch the Facetime app on any of your Apple devices, and the call history will be in front of your screen. 

2. Can I find the Facetime call history on the iPhone call log?

Yes, you can find Facetime call history on the iPhone call log. The call log on the iPhone includes all the calls made and received on the device, including Facetime calls.

3. Can I recover deleted Facetime calls on my iPhone?

Yes, you can recover Facetime calls from iCloud if you have deleted the call history. Log in to your iCloud account using Apple ID and passwords and restore the Facetime backup. However, you should enable iCloud before deleting call history to have this advantage.

4. Can I clear call history on Facetime?

Yes, you can clear your call history on FaceTime. Open the FaceTime app, go to the “Recent” tab, and swipe left on the call entry you want to delete. Tap “Delete” to remove individual calls or “Clear All” to erase the entire call history.


If your missed Facetime calls are not showing, you can try the above-mentioned solutions. Hopefully, one of the solutions will solve your problem. Facetime call logs usually do not miss any calls to include. In case it happens, don’t be afraid. You can solve it easily by following some simple steps. 

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