What to Talk About on Facetime with a Girl: Relationship Hacks!




Sports, bikes, cars, anime, and what else can you not share with your friends? But when it comes to talking to a girl, especially on Facetime, you need to be a little more careful about the subject. So, what should you talk about on Facetime with a girl?

You can start with light topics such as movies, television, education, and music for starters. When you get close and more comfortable with each other, start talking about hobbies, life, future plans, personal goals, and all. 

Your approach should be systematic whentalking with girls on Facetime. Let’s guide you on how you can do it more appropriately and impress her with your personality. 

10 Interesting Things to Talk About with a Girl

Do you have a schedule to Facetime the girl you have been thinking about but are now getting nervous? Don’t know what to talk about? Try the following topics:

What to Talk About on Facetime with a Girl


Everybody loves music. And therefore, music is one of the safest conversation starters for Facetime. This topic exposes a person’s personality without being too personal. You can talk about music for hours if you both share a common taste. 

In any case, if your and her taste do not match, don’t panic. Appreciate her taste. Ask her about that particular type of music. Show your interest. This will encourage her to carry on the conversation. 


Another great thing to talk about on Facetime is movies. Having a discussion over your favorite movie will bring you two closer. When you like the same type of movie, it is a huge plus point to impress someone. You can instantly get a click with the other person. 

Pets and Animals

If you are not much into music or movies, then it could be a problem. However, does she have a pet? Then what else can be a thing to talk about than pets? Ask her about her pets. Show your love for the pet. Tell her to show it to you. Girls like it when someone loves their pets. It is a great and effective approach to impress someone. 


iPhone Facetime video calls let you see each other and help you become friends faster. Once you have broken the ice between you, you can start talking about things that are personal but shareable. You can ask her about her hobbies, her travel wishes, etc. Someone will feel closer and more open to you when they can share their hobbies and goals without fear. 


Education, although not a pleasant topic, can be a good conversation starter sometimes. It works better when one of you has exams. You can talk about your preparations, your favorite and unfavorite subjects, and all. You will be a lucky fellow if you two share dislikes for the same teacher. 


Not everyone, but some girls like people who care about ethics. If the girl you are going to Facetime with is religious, then talking about ethics will create a positive impression. However, you should introduce the topic naturally. Don’t force it. It will spoil the effectiveness of the subject. 


Is she opening to you slowly? That is a good sign. And now is also the perfect time to ask her about her dreams. What she wishes she were, or what she would like to have in her life. If she shares them with you, then it reflects that she trusts you and you are special to her. 

Talk About Friends

You can also discuss with her about her friends. How many friends does she have, and what are they like? Try to draw some similarities between your and her friends. Do you have mutual friends? Then, talk about them as well. Sometimes, you can try Facetime group calls to have your friends keep things casual and slow. 


Although it is not one of the most romantic topics, it is an important and related issue for everyone. If there is any political event going on or going to happen, then you can bring up the topic. If she does not show interest in politics, then you should avoid them in your conversation. 

Love and Philosophy

Once you two have become friends, and you aim to take it one step further, be romantic. Be a philosopher. You do not need to lecture her about life and the universe. Instead, use Facetime as your channel to deliver the message of what you think of life and love.

Let her understand that you value love. Love is both precious and holy to you. She will definitely be impressed. Also, give some hint that there could be something between you two.

How to Start a Facetime Conversation?

You have already seen some of the starter topics, but you cannot simply start by saying, “Hey, let’s talk about movies.” No, it is not an ideal approach. Try the following techniques. 

  • An easy and common way to start a conversation is complimenting her. Tell her that she is looking beautiful. Or, if she is holding a pet animal or a book, then talk about them first before moving on to music and movies. 
  • You can also start your conversation with a current trending topic. Share your opinions with each other. 
  • Share your happiness to see her. Then, you can slowly move on to other topics. Remember, you must let her talk as much as you do, if not more. 

Effective Tips to Have a Better Facetime Chat

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are talking to a girl:

  • Do not call her at night all the time. She might wonder why the guy always FaceTimes her at night
  • Try to break the ice between you and make her as comfortable as possible
  • Do not only talk about yourself. Show your interest in her opinions, likes, life, and all.
  • Do not ask personal questions on your first Facetime calls. She will slowly share them with you. 


1. Can I talk to girls about politics on Facetime?

When a girl Facetimes you, it surely means that she is not in the mood to talk about a heavy or controversial topic like politics. Instead, you can start with music, movies, sports, and all. 

2. Shall I flirt with a girl on Facetime?

You can try flirting on Facetime calls on iPhone. However, be careful about not making her uncomfortable. If she feels awkward or uncomfortable, then stop immediately. 


There are several things to talk about on Facetime with girls. Start with impersonal and light topics. You can slowly approach about more personal issues. However, be natural during the conversation. Be careful about the tips mentioned in the article, and you will have a good chance to impress her. 

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