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Recording audio/video calling has become a normal trend, but some legal and law-related issues exist. According to international law, you must record something with the other person’s consent. That’s the most widely accepted legal fact.

Is it legal to record a FaceTime call? The answer is “Yes” & “No.” Since FaceTime is a default Apple service, anyone can use this app to record calls. But the fact is, FaceTime won’t let the other person know that the call is being recorded. So from this perspective, it’s illegal to record a FaceTime call.

In contrast, if you tell your friends and other people that you’re going to record this call, and then you take their consent, it will be legal. Also, regular audio or video recordings will be legal if you don’t use them for illegal activity or harm.

About The Law of Recording Video/Audio Call

It’s important to take the consent of your friend whom you’re chatting with through FaceTime or any other audio/video app. According to the law of California and other major states of the USA, you cannot record FaceTime or another call without the consent of other users. Therefore, you must consent from your friends and family to whom you’re talking.

On the other hand, 29+ other states allow you to record your FaceTime call with one party’s consent. You don’t need to have both parties’ consent in terms of recording audio/video calls. That means telling the other party that you will record the entire call will be legal. In any other cases, it will be illegal.

So, you should go through your local state law and see if you can record the FaceTime call with/without the consent of another party. If you don’t know your local state law, you must take both parties’ consent. It’ll be the best practice to be safe and avoid illegal tasks.

Can you screen record with sound on your iPad? If not, go through that article. It’ll show you the entire process in simple steps.

Since taking permission from other parties to whom you’re talking is crucial, you must know how to take permission or let other people know you’re recording the call. So let’s get through some steps.

Tell Your Partner About The Recording

It’s better to tell your partner about the recording. It’s the best practice since FaceTime will not notify your partner about the recording. It’s better always to tell your friend or other party you will record the entire FaceTime call. You’ll use that as proof of something or want to have some memories of your friends and families. In that case, you will get their consent without any issues.

On the other hand, if you have formal meetings with your colleagues or business partner. You must take their permission in advance or let them know at the beginning that you’ll record the entire meeting. That’ll be the legal procedure to make a legal FaceTime record.

Take Permission After You Record The Call

There’s another way to record FaceTime calls legally: to take permission after you record the call/while you are on call. For example, let’s say you and your friends are having fun and gossiping over FaceTime video chatting. One of your friends recorded the entire meet-up without telling you guys. On that occasion, they must declare it openly before ending the meeting.

It’d be the best way to record the FaceTime call legally. Always try to get consent from your partner and make it legal for further use.

What if you record the entire video chatting with your friends but remember to take permission or consent? If so, you’ve still got one way to make the recording legal. You can text your friend or partner whom you’ve talked to. Tell them that you record the entire conversation. If they permit you to store or save the conversation or recording for further, you can do that. Otherwise, you need to delete the entire recording because it’s illegal to record FaceTime calls without taking permission from your other partners.

Can Police Record FaceTime Calls?

Since FaceTime calls are 100% encrypted, no one can record or get the recorded FaceTime calls other than your consent. However, legal enforcement and courts reserve the right to investigate any App for security purposes. Therefore, Police can record FaceTime calls if they need.

There are two ways for the police to record FaceTime calls. They are:

  1. If they get physical access to your phone
  2. Available Transactional Records

Let’s talk about the first way.

Physical access to your iPhone or iPad makes it easy for anyone to get your FaceTime record and track them without your consent. Sometimes, police might have the court’s consent and order to check the mobile. 

After getting the court’s consent and order, police can track the available transactional records. From there, Police can easily record your FaceTime call without your permission.

People Also Ask

Is It Legal to Record FaceTime Calls without Taking Permission from Other People?

No, it’s illegal to record FaceTime calls without permission from other people you’re talking to. It’s fine to record the conversation with your friends and family members. Still, it’s better to take permission & consent from them.

Does FaceTime Notify Users while The Call Is Being Recorded?

No, FaceTime doesn’t notify users while the call is being recorded. The screen recording option is a default Apple feature. You can turn it on and record FaceTime calls. It won’t notify the other user.

Closing Words

After reading this entire article, you must know whether it is legal to record FaceTime calls. But first, you must take permission from the other users and let them know you’re recording the FaceTime calls. Only then will it be legal?

If you don’t take consent, the record will be illegal. And police can easily track your FaceTime if they get your phone’s physical access or have transactional records. On the other hand, you may read the entire article and get a clear concept of recording your FaceTime calls legally.

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