6 Steps on How To Wake Someone Up On Facetime?




FaceTime conversation gets more fun at night. As the night progresses, your friend or the person engaged in the call may begin to doze off. But you are not finished with the conversation. So, wondering how to wake someone up on Facetime?

It is rude for someone to sleep while they are still on a call. So, give it a try to shake them up over the phone to wake up. Talk about something interesting, make a sudden scream, cut and call again, create a flickering effect, or start singing.

It is not right for them to sleep while you are still talking. It won’t be too bad on your side if you do something witty to level the score.

How To Wake Someone Up On Facetime

How To Wake Someone Up on FaceTime

Waking up someone over the phone can be a little difficult. You can’t shake them or touch them. So, things got to be creative.

Make an Unexpected Scream

Shout their name. Or, make an “aaaaahhhh” scream as if you just saw a ghost!

Your caller may not notice the tone while sleeping. They will just hear the sound. Sudden high-pitched sounds can unsettle and wake them up. However, make sure you are not disturbing the people around you. There is a problem with this method. You may end up disturbing the wrong people while the target is still sleeping a sound sleep.

Call Again to Make Some Noise

Let’s try something easy. Cut the call and call back. What will this do? FaceTime will ring again, and they have to wake up to receive or cut the call. Repeat it multiple times if one is not enough. It is not going to cause you anything.

There is a catch, though. They may have silenced the device or enabled DND. Facetime cannot go through Do Not Disturb mode. If that is the case, you need to try something else.

Create A Flickering Effect

This one is a creative and more effective one. Make no sound but create a visual disturbance. Unlock your phone and increase the brightness. Set it to max.

Now, cover the screen of the device with one hand and then remove the hand. Do it frequently. Can you see what is happening? Covering and uncovering the screen creates a flickering effect. The same is happening to the other end of the call.

Imagine your caller has the phone screen near their face. The flickering effect is supposed to cause a disturbance. They may start stirring up. This is the perfect time to make a scream and wake the sleeping person.

Make Your Conversation Interesting

When the conversation becomes boring or dull, a person may feel sleepy. Their lack of interest leads to boredom and sleepiness. Change the topic of the conversation and think of something they would like to talk about.

Show your excitement about the new topic. Ask them questions. Try to engage them in the conversation. It is a part of human psychology. Humans like to share their knowledge and expertise. What does the other person like to talk about or know about? Bring that into the conversation.

This will energize them to share their opinions. Let them do the talk. If you keep talking, they may get sleepy again. Involvement in the conversation is important, which leads to the next point.

Involve Everyone in the Conversation

Falling asleep is more common during group calls. You may notice that while some of you are enjoying the moment, some members are dozing off to another world. Well, bring them back into the conversation.

Make some noises to draw their attention. Ask them different questions, opinions, and experiences. Don’t make them feel deserted or left alone in the chat.

Sing A Crazy Song

Singing songs is an effective method to wake someone up on FaceTime. Start singing the song both you and the caller like. Start it yourself and ask them to join. When they start singing, sleep will vanish away.

Additionally, the entire conversation will be more enjoyable. You will also feel better. However, be careful of others around you.

Why Does FaceTime Make People Sleepy?

If someone starts dozing off, don’t be too rude to them. It is part of human nature. Here are some of the major reasons for people falling asleep during FaceTime.

  • A primary reason for falling asleep is because they do not feel your presence. As you are not physically present, you may get distracted and not focus properly.
  • Hormones may also play a role in causing sleep during FaceTime. The brain releases different hormones based on the flow of the conversation and our mood. All these hormone flows may lead to sleepiness.
  • Keeping eyes fixed on a screen is tiring. The blue light emitting from the screen strained your eyes and caused sleep.
  • Body gestures or movement is used less frequently during FaceTime. Remaining still in the same position also causes sleep.

How to Make A FaceTime Conversation Interesting?

As mentioned earlier, talking about an interesting topic is a useful approach. But how do you do that? It may vary whether you are talking on Facetime with a girl, a boy, or a group. Here are some more tips to keep conversation enjoyable and engaging.

  • Share interesting night views from your location and ask others to do so
  • Choose a movie or series to watch together. Share individual thoughts and reactions during and after the viewing.
  • Call each other by name. It grabs attention and makes everyone active in the conversation.
  • Call for an activity. It can be making tea together while being on Facetime or preparing snacks.
  • Avoid talking about corporate lives, goals, or personal achievements in group calls, as it may distract others.
  • Make jokes and fun to make some laughter.

What to Do If You Feel Sleep During FaceTime?

You must not sleep while being in a conversation. This is rude and out of manner. Here are a few things you can do.

  • Let them know that you are feeling sleepy and need to end the call. Tell them about your plans for the next morning. It’s a formal and polite way to do it.
  • Try to get rid of the sleepiness. Drink water, coffee, or tea. Lack of water or dehydration may lead to tiredness and sleepiness.
  • Eat something healthy. Sometimes, you get sleepy because you have not eaten anything for a long time. Tiredness seizes you, and sleep falls.
  • Do some movement and walk around. This shifts attention and helps to re-energize the body.


Falling asleep during FaceTime at night is not a good habit. Try to avoid it as much as you can. And if someone is falling asleep, follow the above-mentioned instructions to wake someone up on FaceTime. However, consider your relationship with the caller and think of their condition before doing it.

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