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FaceTime is a popular app among iOS and macOS users. It helps them connect with their family and beloved ones via personalized one-on-one audio or video calls. However, the rise of video calls increases the concern among users whether someone is screen recording the call without their consent. As a result, one obvious question arises: how to tell if someone is screen recording FaceTime?

Recording a FaceTime call on iPhone is impossible unless you use a 3rd party app. In reality, you can’t tell if someone records a FaceTime screen. Even your iOS or macOS device will not notify the other user that they are being recorded. 

I discussed this issue in this comprehensive blog post. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Tell if Someone is Screen Recording FaceTime

The straightforward answer is there is no way to tell if someone records your FaceTime video call. Moreover, detecting FaceTime screen recordings with 3rd party apps is not possible. The reason is that iOS devices lack any APIs to help in such tasks.

However, a few indirect signs can tell you if someone during FaceTime video calls has recorded you.

  • Visual Cues: Is the other person’s behavior suddenly changed when you talk in the FaceTime video? Do they look distracted? If yes, ensure their attention is divided into other activities like screen recording.
  • Suspicious Acts: If you notice that a notification or message related to screen recording pops up in another person’s devices, this could be a sign that they are engaged in FaceTime video call recording.
  • Glitches in the Video Stream: Sometimes, screen recording causes issues in the video streaming performance. Reduction in the frame rate or glitches can appear during the FaceTime video calls. If you notice such abnormalities, your call is probably being recorded.

So, in a nutshell, you can’t tell if someone is screen recording FaceTime. Be mindful that these signs are not definitive proof. With these symptoms, you can’t be 100% sure that the other person is recording your FaceTime video calls.

It is better to ask them directly whether they are screen recording. Have a conversation with the person regarding the establishment of mutual trust. Then you can only know the truth.

Does FaceTime Tell You When Someone Screen Records?

The straightforward answer is a big NO.

However, FaceTime has a built-in photo feature. It allows the users to capture an image of the call by tapping a button. The good news is when a user does it, the other receives a notification mentioning that a photo has been taken.

In the case of regular calls, no notifications or messages are sent to the other person. As a result, the user will be completely dark and unable to know if they’re being recorded.

Recording a FaceTime video without knowing the other person can be considered a violation of privacy and trust. Your relationship with the other person may be damaged. At the same time, it can erode their trust in you.

In case you need to record the FaceTime video, let the other person know about your act and get their acknowledgment. This way, there will be no trust issues.

You might be wondering if there is a law regarding video call recording in the USA. In most states, it is illegal to record FaceTime calls without the acknowledgment of other users.

Based on the law, you are in either a 1-party or 2-party consent state. Let me clear the law.

In 1-party consent states, every participant in the video call has to be acknowledged that the call is being recorded.

In 2-party consent states, only 1-party in the video call has to be acknowledged that the call is being recorded. Now, the party could be the person who is recording. In this case, recording a video call will be legal even if the other person doesn’t know about it. 

You can find the list of the states in the below chart.

1-party Consent States2-party Consent States
IowaNew Hampshire
New Jersey 
New York 
New Mexico 
North Carolina 
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
North Dakota 
Rhode Island 
West Virginia 

How to Stay Safe When Using FaceTime?

Follow the below rules to stay safe during FaceTime.

  • Avoid sharing your personal details during the call
  • “Mute” and “Block” features are excellent ways to control your audio and video sessions
  • Use a versatile passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your FaceTime app
  • You can keep your call well-secured and private by using the end-to-end encryption of Apple


Can you record a FaceTime video call?

Apple lacks a built-in feature for recording FaceTime video calls. However, there are 3rd party apps, or external devices that let you record FaceTime audio and video calls.

Can you tell if someone screen records FaceTime?

Unless the person recording the video tells you about the video recording, you can’t tell if someone screens recorded FaceTime.

Can I be prosecuted for recording a FaceTime call?

First, you must learn state law about recording video calls on FaceTime. You can be prosecuted if you live in a 2-party consent state and the other person doesn’t know you are recording the FaceTime. On the other hand, if you reside in a 1-party consent state, legal action can’t be taken against you.

Does the iPhone record FaceTime videos?

No, Apple only records and stores information about the calls in FaceTime. Your iOS or macOS device can’t access the content of your audio and video calls.

Summing Up

Communicating with people around the world is significantly convenient with the FaceTime app. However, anyone can record the call with 3rd party apps or external devices since FaceTime doesn’t notify another person that the video call is being recorded. 

So, learning how to tell if someone is screen recording FaceTime is crucial. The tips mentioned above are not guaranteed. But these signs will help you be aware of potential screen recording during FaceTime conversations.

Be remindful to prioritize your privacy and enjoy a more secure communication experience.

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