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At times, you may not want Facetime to ring aloud. Maybe you are in a meeting, at the movies, or simply don’t want to disturb those around you. Silencing the app can solve the problem. How to silence Facetime ring on iPhone?

It is easy to mute Facetime and prevent it from ringing. You can do it by either silencing the device or by setting a silent ringtone on Facetime. Both features prevent Facetime from ringing. However, with a silent ringtone, you can escape vibration as well.

With a few taps, it is possible to keep the iPhone from ringing. Let’s see in detail how to avoid noisy disruptions from Facetime.

How To Silence Facetime Ring on iPhone

How to Turn on Silent Mode on iPhone?

Silencing the Apple device is an easy way to silence Facetime. You will not hear any ringtone when someone calls on Facetime. You can do it in several ways.

  • Method 1: Can you see an additional switch just above the volume button? Tap it, and silent mode will be activated. Switch off the mode again by tapping it again.
  • Method 2: Setting a gesture is another way to silence the device. Go to settings, then scroll down to find “Touch” and tap on it. There will be 2 options called “Double Tap” and “Triple Tap.” Click on any of the options and find the “mute” option.

Now tap on the back of the phone the number of times you selected. “Mute” mode will be activated automatically by doing so.

How to Set A Silent Ringtone?

Setting a silent ringtone is another approach to mute the sound for incoming Facetime calls. You can turn it on in the following way:

  • Open the settings app on your mobile and scroll down to “Sound and Haptics.” Tap to open it.
  • Now go to the Ringtone option and tap to open it.
  • You will now find “Tone Store| option appearing on the screen.
  • The new screen will display various ringtones to choose from for Facetime. Look at the bottom of the screen to find the “Search button.” Tap here and type “Silent Ringtone.”
  • Several silent ringtones will appear that can be purchased.
  • Did you make the purchase? Now get back to Sound and Haptics again and tap on Ringtone.
  • Under the Store feature, there is an option called “Download All Purchased Tones.” Click on it to start downloading the silent ringtone you just purchased.
  • The rest of the task is quite simple. Open Facetime > Notifications> Sound> Silent Ringtone. You will not hear any tone now if someone calls.

Silent Mode vs Silent Ringtone: What’s the Difference?

Did the “Silent Ringtone” seem to be hectic? It comes with some advantages, too. Silencing your device will silence all kinds of incoming calls. There will be no ringing tone for WhatsApp, phone calls, Facetime, or other applications.

Silent Ringtone, on the other hand, only mutes Facetime calls. It won’t interrupt other applications. The phone will ring if there is an incoming phone call, WhatsApp call, or something else. This makes silent ringtone a better option.

Another difference is vibration. Silencing the iPhone automatically activates vibration. Next time there is a call, your device will vibrate. This may help you not to notice the call. There is no vibrating in the silent ringtone. You may not notice if a call comes. In this case, silence mode offers an advantage.

Both silent mode and silent ringtone prevent Facetime from ringing aloud. Both features have their benefits, and choose the one based on your preference.

How to Silence Facetime Calls from Unknown Callers?

It is not necessary to silence all the contacts. Silence the calls from unknown callers so as not to get disturbed without missing calls from favorite ones.

  • Go to settings and then Facetime
  • Scroll down to silence unknown callers and turn on the feature.

Facetime will only ring now when a call comes from a saved contact. Now, you will only hear ringtones for incoming calls from saved contacts.


  1. Will FaceTime ring if blocked?

No, Facetime won’t ring on your side when a blocked contact tries to call. They may hear a ringing sound without any answer. You won’t even know whether they called.

  • How do you know if you’re on mute on FaceTime?

When on FaceTime, look for the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. If it’s highlighted in red, you are on mute. If it’s not red, your microphone is active. Additionally, a “Mute” label appears on the screen when you mute yourself.

  • How to know if Facetime is on silent mode?

In FaceTime on iPhone, check the silent mode status by looking at the bell icon on the screen. If it has a line through it, FaceTime is on silent mode. Additionally, you can see the “Silent” label on the screen when in silent mode.

  • Can I silence my caller on Facetime?

No, on FaceTime, you can’t mute your caller directly. However, you can turn down your device’s volume or use the mute button if available. This will silence the call on your end, but it won’t affect the audio for the other person on the call.

  • Will silencing Facetime rings affect the audio quality?

No, silencing the FaceTime ringtone does not affect the audio quality of the call. It only mutes the incoming call ringtone on your end. It prevents Facetime from making a sound when receiving a call. The actual audio quality during the FaceTime call remains unaffected.


Silencing Facetime rings is an easy method to prevent your device from making noise when there is a call. Opt for silence mode or silent ringtone. Both options are easy and depend on personal preference.

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