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Since 2011, FaceTime has become one of the most useful Apple software/apps for users. It makes video/audio chatting & calling convenient, easy, and meaningful. Since then, FaceTime has been available on both iPhone and iPad. You’ll find this app in your settings if you’re using iPad 2 or later.

You already found this useful software in your settings. Now you want to know how to record FaceTime with Audio on an iPad. In this case, you need to turn on your FaceTime from settings. Then set up the entire app and go to its Control Center. There, you’ll find a screen recording option that needs to be turned on. Finally, to record with audio, you need to turn on your microphone and enjoy recording both audio & screen.

How to Record FaceTime with Audio on iPad

That’s the easy way to record FaceTime with audio on your iPad. Let’s break down the entire process and make it easier.

About iPad & FaceTime

FaceTime is now available on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all other OS devices. Particularly, this Apple service has become widely accessible to iPad 2 and later users. If you talk about the iPad touch, it should be 4th generation or later. That means FaceTime is available on the 4th generation iPad touch.

Watch out this video to see how you can actually screen record FaceTime on your iPad.

The screen recording option is a default software system on Apple devices. Apple allows its users to record the entire screen without audio. When recording the voice/sound, you need to access your microphone option and turn it on. We’ll talk about it in the upcoming sections.

Instructions & Tips to Record FaceTime with Audio on iPad

The screen recording option and audio/microphone need to be turned on from the settings. The first is a default software-related thing, and the second is related to your FaceTime. Please follow the below instructions before you start using FaceTime. Otherwise, you may follow them while you’re on video/audio chatting.

In both cases, it will work, and you always get everything to record. Before that, you should take permission from the other user and let them know that you’re recording their voice with their permission. It might be an important office meeting or a random meetup with your friends. Whatever the purpose, you should always take permission before recording audio/video.

Setup Your FaceTime (If you’re Using it for the First Time)

FaceTime is the easiest task since it’s already on your iPad. First, you need to turn on the app from your iPad settings. It happens that you cannot find your FaceTime on your iPad screen if it’s not turned on from the settings. In that case, you need to turn it on from the settings app.

After that, you must tap on the app and put your Apple ID & password. That’s it; it will automatically set up the entire app and be ready to call your favorite person. Remember, you must have the APPLE ID & PASS to use this software service from Apple.

Pull Up Your Contacts

Calling your friends directly after setting up your FaceTime is crucial. In that case, you must put their contact number, Apple ID, or FaceTime name in the search box. Only then will it show you that person? Otherwise, you will fail to get them. Here is a simple tip to bring all your contacts to this app.

For that, you need to tap on the new plus option. There, you’ll find an opportunity to pull up all your contacts.

Once you click on it, you’ll find all your contact numbers & persons in that list. That’s it. You’re all set to start your first FaceTime call.

Enable Screen Record Option

It’s time to enable the screen recording option from your iPad default settings. Usually, it should be turned on. To check it out, you should tap on your FaceTime and wait for three seconds. In the meantime, the screen record should be started. Otherwise, you need to go to your iPad’s default settings.

Scroll down and find out the screen record option. It may be turned off, and you need to turn it on. Once you make it live, it’ll be available for all the apps.

Turn on Your Microphone

Till now, FaceTime can record your screen without audio. It’s a default setting that you can only screen record, but to record the voice/audio, you should go to the control center from FaceTime. There, you’ll find an inactive microphone option. Tap on it in order to turn it on. That’s it.

Start Recording FaceTime Screen with Sound/Audio/Voice

If you follow the above instructions and tips, you’ve done setting your FaceTime. Now it’s time to try it out and see if it’s working or not. You need to tap on any contact and start the video call to do so. Then, scroll down the screen and tap on the screen recording option. It will automatically record both the screen and the voice together.

Once you’ve finished the recording, it’ll automatically save your content on your phone. Go check it out. See, you’ve successfully recorded FaceTime with sound.

People Also Asked

Why Does My iPad Don’t Have FaceTime?

If you use iPad 2 or later, you must have the FaceTime service from Apple. Sometimes, this app needs to be activated from your iPad’s default settings. First, go to settings and scroll down. Next, find out the FaceTime and turn it on. That’s it; now you have FaceTime.

Can I Record FaceTime Screen with Audio on my Touch iPad?

Yes, you can record the FaceTime screen with audio on your touch iPad. For that, you need to go to your FaceTime control center. Then, turn on the microphone option and start recording the screen. It’ll then record both the audio & screen together.

Closing Words

How to screen record FaceTime with audio on iPad? I’ve already explained this thoroughly. First, you must turn on the screen record option & the microphone. The first thing, you should go to your iPad’s default settings and turn it on. For the microphone, you need to use the FaceTime control center.

You will also do it from your iPad default settings. It will be activated for all the other apps if you do so.

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