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FaceTime does not allow you to make an anonymous call for security concerns. However, sometimes you may find making an anonymous call safer, or you may just not want to share your personal information. So, is there no way to make an anonymous call on the FaceTime app? Well, there is a way to hide your identity. 

Though you cannot make an anonymous call, you can use a fake identity to hide your real information from the caller you are calling. You can use a fake or burner email address or a phone number you usually don’t use.

Let’s see how effective using a fake email address will be and how you can do it. 

How to Make An Anonymous Facetime Call

Make an Anonymous FaceTime Call Using a Fake Email Address

Using a fake email address is the most convenient way to hide your identity on Facetime. Such email addresses are often referred to as burner email addresses. 

What you have to do basically is create a new email account. And when you are opening the account, you use fake names and fake information. Maybe you will be required to use your original phone number, but that will not be a problem. 

After creating the burner email account, all you have to do is add it to your Apple ID or Apple account. Remember that you must verify the email address. 

How to Add a Second Email Address to Apple ID?

You are allowed to add multiple email accounts to your Apple ID. Follow these steps mentioned-below to add a second account to your ID:

  • Visit and use your Apple ID information to sign in to
  • Go to “Personal Information.”
  • Select “Reachable At”
  • Select the “Add” button
  • You will find a box to enter a new email address. Make sure the address is not already mentioned in another Apple ID.
  • A verification message will be sent to the new address by Apple.  
  • The email account will be added to your Apple ID as soon as you verify it.

How to Show Your Email Address Instead of Caller ID

Once you have added the burner email address to your Apple ID, you need to change your sender information while making a Facetime call. It is a simple process. Follow these instructions:

  • Tap and open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down to find and tap on “FaceTime.”
  • Now tap on “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.”
  • You will see a blue checkmark on the phone number or email address that is currently used. Tap the blue checkmark to unselect it. 
  • Select the burner email address you just created. Has a blue checkmark appeared? Then the process is completed. 

Why Does Facetime Not Allow Anonymous Calls?

Making anonymous calls can sometimes be fun as you can do pranks on your friends. And it is also a good way to hide your identity from everyone. But why doesn’t Facetime allow it? There are several good reasons for this, such as:

  • FaceTime prioritizes user safety and accountability of its user. Requiring identifiable information reduces the chances of spam calls, prank calls, and harassment. 
  • It reduces the chances of misuse of the platform, making it a safer place for everyone.
  • Facetime is integrated into the Apple ecosystem, and user identity verification is consistent across their services. Blocking anonymous calls enhances the overall security of Apple’s ecosystem. Learn more about Facetime’s privacy concerns, such as if Facetime calls can be tapped
  • It reassures the receiver. Many users feel afraid or nervous to receive anonymous calls. Showing a caller ID reassures that the call is not going to be harmful. 
  • Apple has built a reputation for the privacy and security of its users. Providing a safer environment on Facetime contributes to its reputation. 


1. Can I block my Caller ID on Facetime?

While you cannot completely hide your information in a Facetime call, you can hide your phone number by choosing your email address to show to the receiver. You can also use a burner email address for privacy concerns.

2. Can I report abusive or spam calls on FaceTime?

Yes, you can report abusive or spam calls on FaceTime. Apple provides features for reporting such incidents to help maintain a safe and enjoyable user experience.

3. How to ensure my privacy while using FaceTime?

You can protect your privacy on FaceTime by being cautious about sharing your Apple ID or phone number. Go to your settings to control what information is displayed to the recipients of your calls. 

4. Is using burner email addresses on Facetime legal?

Facetime prohibits its users from using any fake information in its terms of service. If you use fake information, then you are violating the terms. However, the legality of your actions depends on your intent and local laws, but it can raise ethical and privacy concerns,

5. Can someone complain if I call using a fake email address?

Yes, individuals can complain if you call using a fake email address, especially if you harass them. But if you are making a business call and using a burner email address only to protect your privacy, then the other person is most likely not going to complain. 

6. Can I use a fake phone number on FaceTime?

No, it is not possible to use a completely fake phone number to make Facetime calls, as you will have to verify the number to add to your Apple ID. However, you can add a second number to Facetime that you usually do not use. 


Making anonymous calls on Facetime is now allowed due to privacy and security concerns and to keep the platform safe. However, if you really need to hide your true information from the recipient, then you can follow the instructions given above to use a burner email account. But make sure you are not misusing it. 

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