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There are moments when you need to end the call due to time constraints, want to switch to another task, or want to disconnect from the call for any other reason. You hesitate, knowing that hanging up on the person you’re Facetiming can leave them feeling frustrated and disconnected. 

But fear not! There’s a solution. You can end FaceTime calls without hanging up others with 3 options: turning the airplane mode on and using the power button. Another method is using the screen time feature. 

Let’s dive in and discover how to end a FaceTime call without hanging up.

How to End FaceTime Call without Hanging Up

Looking for alternatives to ending a FaceTime call without using the traditional “hang up” method? Read on to explore options.

Method 01: Switching Your iPhone to Airplane Mode

An active internet connection is a must for FaceTime to work. A shaky or poor internet connection will disrupt your FaceTime call. Although an unstable internet is an inconvenience, it can be beneficial when you want to end a FaceTime call without hanging up on the other person.

Turning your iPhone to airplane mode will automatically deactivate your internet connection. Then, you will receive a notification saying, “FaceTime Reconnecting.” When a time-out happens on the reconnecting window, a call failed notification will appear.

Now, you have to follow a simple trick when FaceTime video calling.

Ensure keeping eye contact during a video call. If not, the receiver will understand that you are doing something before ending the call. Such an act might seem suspicious.

Find the below steps to complete the task effortlessly.

Step 01: Open the control center by swapping the top right corner down of your iPhone.

Step 02: You will see the airplane icon and tap on it.

Step 03: Thus, the airplane mode will be activated. Then close the control center by swapping the top right corner up.

Step 04: With activated airplane mode, you will see the ‘Reconnecting..” message on your iPhone screen for a few seconds. Then, you will see a “call failed” notification.

Step 05: Wait for a few minutes. Then again, open the control center by swapping the top right corner of your iPhone and deactivate the airplane mode.

As FaceTime will show a message titled “Call Failed” rather than “Call End,” the other person will never know that you ended the call without hanging them up. Instead, you can blame poor networks or other issues.

Method 02: Using the Power Button

You have to be super-fast when using this method. This fixation process is useful when maintaining eye contact is difficult for you,

Here is the step-by-step procedure.

Step 01: End the FaceTime call by pressing the Power button on your iPhone’s right side.

Step 02: Now open the control center menu without wasting time and activate airplane mode.

Step 03: In this case, the other person will probably call you back. If you turn the airplane mode on, the caller will fail to come through or go to voicemail.

However, the person will receive a “Call Failed” notification. But you can tell them that your phone is dead or  went off abruptly. As the person can’t go through, they will believe your excuse.

Method 03: Using Screen Time Feature

Screen time feature is available with iOS 12 and updated versions. This feature helps you know how much time you spend on your iPhone. Also, you can set limits for particular apps.

By setting up the limit, a FaceTime call will end automatically when the specified time is finished. The below steps will help you set the time,

Step 01: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 02: Scroll down to look for the “Screen Time” option and tap on it once identified.

Step 03: Select App Limit > Add Limit.

Step 04: Add FaceTime apps to the list.

Step 05: Then, set a time limit for FaceTime.

Step 06: When the time limit is ended, your FaceTime call will end automatically without hanging up the other person.

Step 07: If you don’t want to continue with the time limit, remove it by tapping the “Delete Call” option.


Does FaceTime automatically hang up?

No, FaceTime does not automatically hang up. The call will continue until one of the participants manually ends it by tapping the “End” button or closing the FaceTime app.

How do I hang up a FaceTime call on a Mac?

To hang up a FaceTime call on a Mac, click the red “X” button in the FaceTime window or press the Command (⌘) + Shift + A keys on your keyboard. Both methods will end the call and disconnect you from the FaceTime session.

Will I be notified that someone else is trying to FaceTime me when I’m on another call?

Yes, if someone tries FaceTime you while you’re on another call, you will receive a notification on your device indicating an incoming FaceTime call. The notification will allow you to choose whether to accept or decline the incoming FaceTime call while you’re already engaged in another call.

What Ends a FaceTime Call?

A FaceTime call ends when one of the participants manually ends the call by tapping the “End” button on the FaceTime interface or closing the FaceTime app. The call can also end if there is a loss of internet connectivity or technical issues with the connection.

Final Words

Hanging up during a FaceTime call can be disruptive because it abruptly ends the conversation without a proper farewell or closure. It can be seen as impolite or create a sense of disconnection, making it a potentially uncomfortable or disturbing experience for the participants.

The simplicity of the provided options ensures a seamless disconnection experience. While alternative methods or workarounds may exist, they are not inherent features of the FaceTime application. It is recommended to use the provided options to ensure a proper and seamless disconnection from the call.

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