How Much Data Does Facetime Use: How to Calculate and Save Facetime Data Usage




Facetime lets you have both audio and video calls over the internet across the globe. You can use both Wi-Fi or mobile data to use the application. Since mobile data is often expensive, you might wonder how much data Facetime uses. 

Facetime can consume from 150 MB to 500 MB per hour on a video call. The data usage of Facetime depends on your device model, the quality of the call, whether it is audio or video calls, as well as the connection speed. 

You can keep track of how much Facetime is consuming your mobile data and also control it. This article will teach you how to do that. Let’s roll. 

How Much Data Does Facetime Use

How to Check FaceTime Data Usage

Keeping track of how much data Facetime uses will help you use your data wisely. Here is how you can check how much is Facetime using data:

  • Open the iPhone or iPad Settings app 
  • Now tap on Cellular. You will find it near the top of the screen
  • Scroll down the new page to find Facetime
  • Just below the name of the app, you will see how much data has been used. 

The data you see is the amount of data that has been used so far. It might not help you properly to know how much data the app consumes per minute or in a specific time. 

To calculate Facetime data usage properly, keep note of the data that has been used. Now, call someone and talk for ten minutes. Again, follow the same procedure and check the data amount. You can now find out how much it consumes in ten minutes as well as in an hour or two. 

How Much Data Does Facetime Use in A Call?

Yes, you can also track how much data was used on a particular call. This is another alternative and easy to get an idea about the data consumption rate of Facetime. Here is how you can check it:

  • Launch the Facetime app 
  • Go to recent calls
  • Here you will find the list of the last 100 calls you made on Facetime
  • You will see an “i” button by the name of the users you had a call with
  • Click on the i button
  • You will find the used data amount beside the duration of the call. 

This works for both Facetime audio and video calls. Using this process, you can also get a proper idea of how much data a Facetime video or audio call needs. 

How to Reduce Data Usage on Facetime

Facetime can consume up to 500 MB of data in an hour if you use one of the newest versions of the iPhone and high quality video calls. The amount of data is much higher than other apps. You can reduce Facetime data consumption in the following ways:

Use Low Data Mode

Using low data mode is an effective way to reduce data consumption. The mode not only works for Facetime but also for other applications. Here is how you can activate the mode:

  • Go to the Settings app 
  • Now tap on Cellular
  • Find Cellular Data Options and tap on it
  • You will see Low Data Mode with a toggle button beside it. 
  • Press the button, and the mode will be activated.

When you activate Low Data Mode, certain background activities get blocked. It includes background app refreshes, auto-downloading, and also video streaming quality gets decreased. Use of low speed data may often lead to seeing you only yourself on facetime iphone.

Adjust Quality Settings

Facetime lets you have HD conversations with your friends and family. However, you can always adjust the settings according to your preferences. Lower quality will consume less data. 

Use Audio Call

It is natural that audio calls consume less data than video calls. If you are low in data, then opt for keeping your video off. Facetime audio calls cost much less data than video calls. 

Avoid Group Video Calls

Group calls consume more data than individual calls. You should avoid attending group calls when you are using mobile data. Since your device will be connected to multiple devices, it drains more data. 

Avoid Screen Sharing

Facetime lets you present your screen. It is useful to have a formal discussion. Friends also share screens to watch videos together. This consumes more data than usual video calls. If you want to save your mobile data and want to save it, then avoid sharing screens.

Why Does Facetime Use Data More Than Other Apps?

You may wonder why Facetime uses more data than other applications. There are several logical reasons for this. For example:

  • Facetime lets you have video calls in high resolutions, such as HD or even 4K. This drains more data.
  • A smoother experience with a higher frame rate means more data usage.
  • Facetime lets you share your screen, and sharing during a call adds to data usage.
  • FaceTime may auto-download photos and videos shared during a call, using more data.


1. Does Facetime use data more than other apps?

Facetime usually uses more data than other video calling apps. Because Facetime aims for high-quality video without interruption. Whatsapp or Zoom can be more data-saving options. 

2. Does Facetime use Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use Facetime using Wi-Fi to make video and audio calls. Using Wi-Fi provides a more stable and higher-speed connection than cellular data. As a result, you can have a smoother calling experience with Wi-Fi than mobile data.

3. Does Facetime use data or minutes?

Facetime can use mobile data but not cellular minutes. You can use mobile data to make both audio and calls, though Facetime consumes a lot of data. However, you cannot use mobile minutes to make Facetime calls. 

4. Does FaceTime use data even when I’m not on a call?

Yes, Facetime can use some amount of data even when you are not on a call. It occurs for background tasks like syncing contact photos or maintaining a connection. 

5. Can I use FaceTime without using my cellular plan’s data?

Yes, of course. You can use Facetime without cellular data. Connect your Facetime to a Wi-Fi connection and avoid using cellular data. You only need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, and your Facetime will run smoothly. 


You can track how much data your Facetime is using following the above-mentioned processes. It is true that Facetime uses more data than most of the other applications. However, you have to consider the facilities it provides. You can also reduce the data consumption by taking some steps. Additionally, it is always better to use Facetime with a Wi-Fi connection. 

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