FaceTime Not Working on iPhone 11 | What are the Solutions?




FaceTime not working on iPhone 11 can be frustrating, but several steps can be taken to resolve the problem. 

By ensuring that the device is running the latest version of iOS and checking for any network connectivity issues, users can resolve FaceTime not working on iPhone 11. Additionally, troubleshooting steps such as restarting the device, resetting network settings, or restoring the iPhone 11 can prove effective. 

I will be sharing more solutions to the problem. So, keep on reading.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone 11

Solutions to the FaceTime error on iPhone 11 are straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps or process carefully.

FaceTime Not Working on iPhone 11

Fix 01: Check the Availability of FaceTime in your Region

The first thing you will need to do is, check the availability of FaceTime in your region. You can’t access FaceTime from all countries or regions.

In order to know if FaceTime supports your country, visit Apple’s Carrier Support Page.

Fix 02: Check the Relevant Settings

FaceTime works successfully when you set it up correctly, and all the relevant settings are appropriately activated.

1. FaceTime is Activated Correctly

Make sure you have activated FaceTime properly on your iPhone 11. Here are the steps to do it perfectly.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Find out FaceTime and tap on it.

Step 03: Toggle the FaceTime slider to the right side.

Step 04: Now tap on “Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime and select Sign In

Step 05: FaceTime is activated properly.

Important Notes:

  • Putting the right phone number and email under the section named YOU CAN BE REACHED BY FaceTime AT is mandatory so that people can reach you easily.
  • Go to the Blocked Contact option to see whether you blocked any per unintentionally.

2. Disabled FaceTime & Camera Restrictions

Are you unable to find FaceTime on your iPhone 11? You probably enabled the Screen Time restrictions. So, how to check it? Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Select Screen Time

Step 03: Then choose Content & Privacy Restrictions

Step 04: Visit the Allowed Apps option. Turn on the FaceTime and Camera option

3. Is Your Internet Connection Working?

A high-quality internet connection is necessary to make an audio or video call through FaceTime. When FaceTime is not working on iPhone 11, check the internet connection.

Also, network settings can cause poor internet connection. In this case, resetting the network setting will be beneficial. If you need to reset the network settings, follow the below steps.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Choose General

Step 03: Then Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Fix 03: Force Restart Your iPhone 11

Sometimes, FaceTime can get stuck when used. It may happen when your iPhone 11 is used for a long time without restarting. Force restart will be helpful.

Step 01: Press the power/side button and the Volume “+” button at the same time.

Step 02: You will see the Apple logo asking permission for force restart.

Fix 04: Log Out & In FaceTime

Is your FaceTime still not responding on iPhone 11? Try signing out and on FaceTime. For this, the below steps need to be followed.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Locate FaceTime

Step 03: Tap on your Apple ID and choose Sign Out

Step 04: Next, after 30-60 seconds, tap on “Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime and select Sign In

Step 05: FaceTime is activated properly.

Fix 05: Ensure the Correct Date & Time

Apple says FaceTime doesn’t respond on iPhone 11 if you set the date and time inappropriately on your device. Check it by following the below steps.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Select General

Step 03: Set the correct Date & Time

Step 04: Turn on the Set Automatically option

Fix 06: Software Update

Apple always said FaceTime may not work properly if you don’t update the software. Not updating the software can cause unknown software errors. If you receive notifications regarding a new software version, don’t hesitate to update it accordingly.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Select General

Step 03: Choose Software Update

Step 04: If you see any new version of the software update is available, update the software without fail.

Fix 07: Maintenance Work is Going on Apple Server

FaceTime uses Apple servers to work properly. It would always be best if you check Apple’s System Status Page before trying any troubleshooting method. Visiting the page lets you know whether maintenance is going on the Apple server.

You will notice 2 different icons next to FaceTime.

  • A large green dot: Everything is fine with the FaceTime
  • A yellow caution sign or exclamation point: Server problem

When there is an issue in the server, Apple sends a link where they share the maintenance status, like when it started, the current status, the % of users impacted, etc.


Does the iPhone 11 have FaceTime?

Yes, the iPhone 11 has FaceTime. It is a popular application among iPhone and iPad users, connecting them to family and friends through audio and video calls. However, the other person should have an activated FaceTime.

Where is my FaceTime app on iPhone 11?

The steps below will help you discover the FaceTime app on iPhone 11.

Step 01: Go to Settings

Step 02: Type FaceTime in the search box, and the application will appear.

What is the difference between iPhone 11 with FaceTime and without FaceTime?

iPhone devices that are mentioned without FaceTime won’t have this application. On the other hand, if nothing is mentioned, be sure the iPhone 11 has a FaceTime app.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above solution will help you effectively fix FaceTime not working on iPhone 11 errors. However, if the issue persists, contacting Apple Support or visiting an authorized service center may further assist in diagnosing and rectifying the FaceTime malfunction.

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