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Are you trying to call one of your family and friends through FaceTime, but the call continuously drops? In the worst cases, the call failed to connect at all! One question might pop up: why is FaceTime not working for certain contacts?

The prime culprits are unintentional blocking, incorrect phone number format, incorrect email, and corrupted app cache. Other reasons include wrong date and time, scheduled downtime, unsupported carrier or region, etc.  

So, how to fix such a problem? Let’s explore.

FaceTime not working for certain contacts

How Can I Solve FaceTime Not Working for Certain Contacts?

When such an incident happens, the first thing that comes to our mind is restarting the device. But this will not help you to resolve the issue as the root cause of the problem is a little different. Here are some effective solutions to be followed.

1. Unintentional Blocking

So, unintentional blocking is the most obvious reason for FaceTime not working for one person. Has the person you are trying to reach blocked you on FaceTime, and you are unaware of it?

Yes, it is possible. You can’t call a certain contact if you are blocked on FaceTime. It can be the other way around, meaning you blocked the person unintentionally.

Now, how to confirm the person blocked you?

Start a group FaceTime call to ensure you are blocked. If the person fails to join the group call, be sure you have been blocked purposely.


The solution is completely on the person on the other side of the iPhone. Whether you are blocked intentionally or unintentionally, the person has to unblock you.

Before proceeding, it is important to make sure who are the persons you blocked on FaceTime. For this,

  • Step 01: Go to Settings
  • Step 02: Go to the Blocked list of FaceTime.
  • Step 03: If your family and friends’ numbers appear in the blocked list, unblock them.

On the other hand, if you are blocked by a person unintentionally, contact the person. Tell them about the problem and resolve it.

2. Incorrect Format of the Number

Did you check whether you saved the number in the correct format?

Well, if the number format is wrong, you can never call a certain contact with FaceTime. Some of the users experienced the issue because of incorrect number format. They discussed it in Apple’s discussion.  

There are several incidents where FaceTime users can’t call a certain number for the wrong format. Finally, they had to save the number with the correct format and be able to call the number.


Every country comes with a different country code. For instance, the country code for the USA is +1. If the number you are trying to call is 48974321, add +1 at the beginning of the number (+148974321) and save it to your FaceTime contact. To do this, follow the below steps,

  • Step 01: Open your Contact’s info page.
  • Step 02: Locate the number
  • Step 03: Edit the number with the country code

I shared a chart below mentioning the country code of a few countries.

Country NameCountry Code
South Africa+27

3. Incorrect Mail

Are you still facing the problem after saving the number with the correct format?

Then the incorrect mail is the culprit. Did you check the mail when saving the phone number with the correct format?

Checking the recipient’s address is also crucial. You can’t call a certain contact if the number is saved with an incorrect email.

On the other hand, if one of the contacts is not using iCloud email, you will more likely fail to call via FaceTime.


Generally, we don’t save the iCloud email of a person on our iPhone. In this case, ask the person to share their iCloud email.

Then go to the Preferences of FaceTime and save the email address in the Caller ID section.

At the same time, make sure that you are using iCloud email. Check your contact info to ensure it is correctly used. Finally, try to determine whether the problem is solved.

4. Malfunctioned App Cache

Sometimes, the malfunctioning app cache is the root cause of the complication. Glitches messed up with the information and settings of your FaceTime application and caused the problem.


The easiest solution is to delete the cache and data of the app. This way, the application will flush out damaged data. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step 01: Go to Settings.
  • Step 02: Select General.
  • Step 03: Choose iPhone Storage. Then you will notice a list. Tap on the FaceTime app.
  • Step 04: Next, tap “Clear Cache”. Thus, the app settings and the cache will be deleted.

5. Your Region doesn’t Support FaceTime

Do you know that FaceTime is not available worldwide?

Sadly, most users are unaware of it. A few regions block FaceTime completely, whereas others have a minimum iOS limit. Before calling a certain number, check whether your region or carrier supports FaceTime.  


Where to check the compatibility of FaceTime in your region or carrier?

All you need to do is browse the FaceTime carrier support page. Using VPN is the best option if you live in an unsupported region. Make sure to choose a location where FaceTime is allowed.

6. Scheduled System Down

FaceTime can be down in a few particular areas. Downtime can happen because of technical difficulties. As a result, you might be unable to call via FaceTime.

So, the contact or person you are trying to contact is experiencing downtime. As a result, your call keeps failing over and over.


Keeping an eye on the downtime status on Apple’s System Status Page is necessary. You will get real-time information browsing this page. You have nothing to do if the system is down. Wait until the system activates and runs.

7. Earlier Version of the iOS

Is your iPhone operating system updated? If not, then update it immediately for seamless performance from FaceTime.

Generally, FaceTime doesn’t provide smooth audio and video calling if your device has an updated iOS system. Social media users pointed out that FaceTime doesn’t run properly with older than iOS7.


Check which iOS version you are using. An updated version of the operating system is a must for seamless communication.

If an update is available on your device, do it quickly by following the steps below.

  • Step 01: Go to Settings.
  • Step 02: Select General.
  • Step 03: Then choose Software Update.

Be mindful that your iPhone must support the updated iOS to make things work.


Why is FaceTime not available for my contact?

FaceTime can appear unavailable for your contact because of the below reasons,

  • The recipient has turned off their iPhone
  • The recipient set to do not disturb
  • The recipient has disabled FaceTime on their device
  • Poor or zero network coverage

Can I fail to contact a certain number if my iPhone date and time are wrong?

FaceTime can show faulty behavior if your iPhone date and time are incorrect. Set your iPhone clock accurately by turning on the “Set Automatically” feature following Apple’s network time protocol.

Final Words

After reading this comprehensive guide, you can easily solve issues like FaceTime not working for certain contacts.

However, technical problems still can occur. But Apple always prioritizes customer satisfaction. They solve technical issues with their applications efficiently.  

Remember, with patience and persistence, you can overcome these challenges and enjoy seamless video calls with your desired contacts on FaceTime.

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