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Calls in the middle of the night are annoying, especially from an unknown number on FaceTime. In this case, the first question that comes to our mind is, how did they get my info? Should I receive a FaceTime audio call from an unknown number?

Generally, strangers can’t call you through FaceTime unless they have your number or email. Most probably, the caller has your number or email in their contact card incorrectly. 

There must be other questions playing in your mind regarding this issue. Here I shared crucial information related to a FaceTime audio call from a stranger.

facetime audio call from unknown number

Can an Unknown Number FaceTime Me?

No, an unknown number can’t FaceTime you, at least not directly. In order to call through the FaceTime app, both parties have to have an iOS device and an Apple ID linked to the application.

If a stranger calls you through FaceTime, be sure they have your email or number on their contact card. Maybe they were supposed to save the contact or email of their known person, but mistakenly, they saved it with your contact or email. In fact, FaceTime is not designed for arbitrarily connecting with strangers.

So, the straightforward answer is as long as the caller has your contact information, they can call you through FaceTime. Otherwise, it is not possible.

Why Did I Get a FaceTime Audio Call from Unknown Number?

Many users stated that they received FaceTime calls from unknown numbers in Apple’s discussion thread.

Such an incident can happen for 3 reasons.

#1. It can happen because of mistaken identity. The stranger is supposed to be someone else. For example, they have mistakenly entered the wrong phone number or email. Once they realize their mistake, you will likely not receive a FaceTime call from them.

#2. If someone you know has recently acquired a new phone number but didn’t update their contact list. As a result, they might try to call you through FaceTime without knowing that their contact list is outdated.

#3. Maybe the caller knows you and is trying to call you from another FaceTime ID for one or more reasons. In such cases, the caller must know you while calling from an unfamiliar number.

What Happens if an Unknown Number FaceTime Audio Calls Me?

If an unknown number of FaceTime audio calls you, many different things can happen based on your device’s settings.

  • The device may ring continuously until you answer or decline the call.
  • You may see an alert displaying a call from an unknown number.

What if the caller sends you a message?

You can read or listen to the message directly from your iPhone or other iOS devices. At the same time, you can see the caller ID. This is helpful to know who called you through FaceTime.

You must be wondering what to do after receiving a FaceTime call from a stranger.

  • Are you comfortable to reply to the call? If yes, receive it and directly talk with the caller. Inform them that they have called an unknown person. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, block or hang up the number.
  • Thinking about whether you can report the number to your service provider? Yes, it is also possible. If you do so, your service provider will take the required steps to prevent further issues.
  • Additionally, locate the “Do Not Disturb” option on your device. This feature will prevent calls from unfamiliar or unknown persons. Moreover, this option is handy when you want to avoid calls and messages from a stranger.

Should I Block FaceTime Audio Calls from an Unknown Number?

There is no harm if you block an unknown number. However, keep a few tips in mind before blocking.

  • Avoid replying to the call if you can’t recognize the number. Callers with something crucial to inform will probably leave a message anyway. But this may not be workable for a person with business or interest who receives many calls from unknown numbers.
  • In case you receive a message from an unfamiliar number containing a link or attachment, avoid clicking them. It could be malware that can malfunction your device.
  • If you think the FaceTime call or message is from a legitimate company, type the number in the Google search. You will see information if the number is related to a legitimate company.

Are you disturbed enough by the call and want to know how to block the unknown number on FaceTime? Here are the processes to follow.

Method 01: FaceTime App

  • Step 01: Open the FaceTime app. Go to the Contact list and tap on the person’s name or number you want to block.
  • Step 02: Tap the “i” button located next to their contact information
  • Step 03: Scroll down and choose Block this Caller
  • Step 04: Confirm the request

Method 02: Turn on Silence Unknown Caller

  • Step 01: Go to Settings and access your FaceTime application
  • Step 02: Scroll bottom to the page and locate “Silence Unknown Callers”
  • Step 03: Toggle the slider next to the “Silence Unknown Callers” to activate it

Once activated, all unrecognizable numbers will be silenced. However, you can still find the unknown number by visiting your recent call list. Remember that this feature will be turned on for a day or 24 hours if you dial an emergency number.


Should I answer a random FaceTime call?

It would be best not to answer a random FaceTime call. If the caller has urgency, let them leave a message or text. Also, remember not to open any link or attachment available in a spam message.

How do you find out who initiated a FaceTime call?

You can find out who initiated a FaceTime call from the Notification center. On the other hand, if the call is initiated from a group, see the group message. 

How do I stop spam audio calls on FaceTime?

iPhone users can easily block spam audio calls on FaceTime. Go to the contact list from your FaceTime app. You will notice an icon “i” next to the unfamiliar number; tap on it. Then go bottom and select Block this Caller and finally confirm the request.

Last Note

Receiving a FaceTime audio call from an unknown number can be an unsettling experience. However, it’s essential to stay calm and prioritize your privacy.

Stay vigilant and educate yourself about potential scams or phishing attempts. Following the advice mentioned above can maintain your security and peace of mind. Stay informed, trust your instincts, and prioritize your digital safety.

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