Does Facetime Pause When Someone Else Calls: Why and How to Prevent It?




Facetime lets you stay close to your friends and family even when you are away from them. The high-definition video calls provide an excellent experience. However, you might have noticed that Facetime calls often pause when someone calls you.

Yes, it is a built-in feature of iPhone Facetime. An incoming call pauses your current Facetime call so that you can understand that there is a call coming. You can disable this from the settings if you want to. 

Let’s explore why Facetime pauses when a call comes and how you can turn off this setting for an undisturbed conversation on Facetime. 

Does Facetime Pause When Someone Else Calls

Why Facetime Pauses When Someone Calls

A Pause on Facetime may not be something you would enjoy, but consider the benefits of this pause. You will not be able to blame Apple for this. 

It gives you the time to decide whether you want to receive the call or continue your current Facetime call. It is obvious that you might not notice a small beep when you are talking on Facetime with your friends or loved ones. This way, you can sometimes miss an important call. This feature saves you from this by making you notice the incoming calls. 

Your current call will continue as soon as you decline the incoming call. Similarly, your Facetime call will be disconnected if you answer the incoming call. 

Stop Pause Screen on Facetime for Incoming Calls

Well, there is no direct method to prevent your Facetime from pausing if there is an incoming call. However, you can certainly prevent incoming calls on your iPhone when you are on Facetime. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the settings application on your device.
  • Now, find the menu “Focus” and tap it.
  • You will find an option inscribed as “Do not disturb.” There will be a toggle button by its side. Tap it, and it will be activated. 

With DND mode on, you can still use Facetime, Wi-Fi, and many other applications. However, your phone calls and notifications will be silenced. But is there any way for incoming calls to get through in DND? 

What Else Can Make Your Facetime App Get Paused

Your Facetime paused, but there are no incoming calls. What does that mean? Surely, there must be something wrong with your Facetime. This can happen due to a poor internet connection. Make sure there is an active and stable internet connection. 

Another reason for a paused Facetime is leaving the app. When you are talking on Facetime video calls, you are supposed to use the app alone. In case you switch to another application, the call will be paused on Facetime. 

You can turn off this feature from the setting by activating PiP on your device.

  • Open the settings application 
  • Go to “general” now
  • You will notice a menu named “Picture in Picture.”
  • There will be a toggle button to turn on PiP automatically. Tap it to slide on. 

Can I Receive Other Calls During a Facetime Call?

Yes, sure. You can receive other calls if you are already on Facetime. However, your Facetime call will be disconnected if you answer the new call. This may sound different than the normal call feature. 

You can receive an incoming call by keeping the current call on hold on your iPhone. But Facetime does not provide this benefit. Your call will be disconnected as soon as you answer another call. The only way to talk to two or more people on Facetime at the same time is to create a Facetime group call. 


1. Can you prevent FaceTime from pausing when someone calls?

No, you cannot prevent FaceTime from pausing when someone calls. This is a built-in feature of the app that is designed to help you manage your calls. However, you can turn on DND mode and avoid getting calls at all. 

2. How can I fix paused Facetime after an incoming call?

If you answer an incoming call while on a FaceTime call, your FaceTime call will be paused until you end the incoming call. So. to unpause iPhone Facetime, simply end the incoming call.

3. Why does FaceTime keep pausing during a call?

FaceTime may pause during a call due to poor network connection or other technical issues. Additionally, FaceTime pauses when you switch apps or minimize the FaceTime window on your device.

4. How to pause Facetime on purpose?

You can disable the Picture in Picture mode as the first step. Afterwards, just swiping up the FaceTime call will pause Facetime. Or, if there is a home button on your iOS device, press it to pause FaceTime.

5. Does FaceTime automatically pause when a new call comes in?

Yes, FaceTime does automatically pause an ongoing call when a new call comes in. This allows you to either accept the incoming call or decline it. You cannot accept two calls at the same time. 


Facetime pauses when you have incoming calls. It lets you notice that there is another call, and you can either answer or decline the call. Declining the call will continue Facetime; answering the call will cut your current Facetime call. You can also prevent incoming calls from the setting for an undisturbed conversation.

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