Does Facetime have a Beauty Filter: How to Use Them?




Facetime is a fun way to connect with your friends. Apple improves the application continuously to make it more interesting with time. Today, people like to use filters during a video call for fun. Facetime also has many, but does it have a beauty filter?

Yes, there are multiple beautiful filters on Facetime. You can use these built-in filters to smooth your skin, brighten your eyes, and make cosmetic adjustments. Additionally, there are other sorts of effects to change your appearance on Facetime. 

Let’s explore what types of filters you will find on Facetime and how to use them. This will make your video call experience even better. 

Does Facetime have a Beauty Filter

How to Use Facetime Beauty Filters?

Using filters on Facetime calls is quite simple. You do not need to pay extra money for this feature. Here is how you can use Facetime filters on iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch the Facetime application on your device first
  • Now select the person you want to Facetime 
  • Press on the video call icon
  • You will see various options below the screen, and one of them on the left side is “effects.”
  • Tap on “effects,” and you will find a number of filters there. Choose the beauty filter you find appropriate for you. 
  • There are beauty filters for Facetime users to reshape and smooth their skin.
  • You will notice a X on the right side of the screen. Tap it to cancel the filter. 

Why Is There A Filter on Facetime?

You know, the primary purpose of adding filters on video calls is to make the conversation more fun and interesting. It lets users change their appearance. Sometimes, you might not be prepared for a video call. Again, there is not enough to prepare either. Using a filter on Facetime can help in such situations. 

Facetime filters to make you look better even when you are tired or sleepy. Using the filters will make you look fresh and energetic. Besides, if there is not enough light in your place, Facetime can also adjust it with the brightness filter. With Facetime filters, you are always ready for video calls. Always!

Types of Beauty Filters on Facetime

Facetime has several beauty filters to enhance your appearance. When you add a filter, you will be able to see it on your screen, too. And if you can only see yourself but not the other person, there are solutions. Anyway, here is a list of beauty filters:

Skin SmoothingAims to create a flawless complexion by reducing the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and imperfection
Face SlimmingDesigned to subtly reshape facial features, particularly around the jawline and cheekbones.
Eye EnhancementsBrighten and enlarge the eyes and make them appear more alert and captivating.
Lip EnhancementsEmphasize and enhance the appearance of the lips, often making them appear fuller and more defined.
Color AdjustmentsThese filters enhance the overall color balance of the face, including skin tone and complexion

Why Don’t I Have Facetime Filters?

If you are not finding Facetime filters during a video chat, it can be due to various reasons. Check the following issues to detect the problem and then work on solving it. 

There Is a New Software Update

As mentioned earlier, Apple continuously updates Facetime to provide you with a smoother and more convenient experience. So, you should always update your iOS or Facetime if there is a new update. If you do not update them regularly, you can face issues like this. 

Stable Internet Connection

You need to have a good and fast internet connection to use Facetime optimally. If your internet connection is not stable, some of the features may not work properly. You may not see the other person, along with not being able to use filters.  

Software Bugs

Sometimes, the problem can occur due to software bugs. If you are experiencing problems using beauty filters for Facetime calls, try updating your device’s software or restarting your device. 

Device Compatibility

Sometimes, your device may not be compatible with these features. For instance, you need to use at least an iPhone 7 or later version to use filters. Older devices such as iPhone 6 or below may not have access to these filters. New devices can let you create your memoji as well. Watch this video


1. Can you put a beauty filter on Facetime?

Yes, you can put a beauty filter on Facetime calls. The process is quite simple. Just launch your app and call someone on Facetime. Then, you will find filters below the screen.

2. Can I use beauty filters for audio-only FaceTime calls?

No, you cannot use filters for audio calls on Facetime. Filters are designed for video calls. So, they will not have any effect on audio-only FaceTime calls.

3. Can I change Facetime filters during calls?

FaceTime beauty filters are adjustable during a call. You can change or remove the filter at any time by tapping on the star icon and selecting a different filter. You can also turn it off. 

4. Can I use FaceTime beauty filters in group calls?

Yes, you can use FaceTime beauty filters in both one-on-one and group calls. However, this will require a fast and stable internet connection to have the best experience with the filters. 

5. Do beauty filters affect Facetime video call quality?

Usually, they do not. Nonetheless, if your internet connection is not stable, there can be slight delays and a reduction in video quality. You can consider it a trade-off between enhanced appearance and video performance.


So yes, Facetime has a beauty filter option for video calls. You can add these filters for free during a call and change, adjust, or enhance your appearance. However, you will need to have a high-speed and stable internet connection to have the best experience with the filters. 

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