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Facetime lets you have both audio and video conversations with other Apple users. The video quality of the app is very high and satisfying. However, you are calling someone, and it just shows that the call was canceled. Does a canceled call mean they declined your Facetime calls?

The answer can be both yes and no. If someone declines your call, you will be shown a message that the call was canceled. There can be other reasons why you will get the same message. For example, you hung up first, the other person does not have Facetime, no internet connection, or the phone is turned off, etc.

Let’s explore what are the reasons for which you will show the cancel message so that you do not misunderstand your friends. 

Reasons for a Canceled Call

As already mentioned, there can be several reasons for a canceled call. You should not get upset if your call gets cancelled, as there are several reasons for that. Let’s explain them in detail:

You Hung Up First

You are calling someone and then suddenly change your mind for some reason and hang up. In such a situation, you will be shown the notification message that the call was canceled. You did not give your receiver the opportunity to receive the call.

The Other Person Doesn’t Have Facetime

This is a simple reason for the call being cancelled. If the person you are calling does not have a Facetime account on your iPhone, the call will be cancelled automatically. 

Your Recipient Did Not Answer

Here is a thing you should remember. Not receiving and declining are not the same. When someone intentionally ignores or hangs up your call within the 60 seconds it rings, it is a declined call. 

But if the call rings for sixty seconds and nobody picks up, it can be due to the unavailability of your recipient. Maybe they are engaged in doing something else. They can be sleeping, working, studying, or maybe the phone is on silent mode. 

Unavailability of the Receiver

A Facetime cancelled call can also mean that the other person is not available not now. It can be due to a lack of internet connection or the phone being switched off. Yes, if you are thinking, “Will Facetime ring if the phone is dead?” you know the answer now. 

The Call Was Declined

A cancelled call on iPhone Facetime can also mean what you are thinking. The person indeed declined your call. But did he really? There is no bulletproof method to be sure of this without asking the person.

They Have Blocked You

Well, cancelled calls on iPhone Facetime can be a little puzzling sometimes. The reasons we mentioned were so far positive ones, but this one is not. If someone blocks you on Facetime, your calls will be cancelled. You won’t be told that you are blocked.

How Do You Know If Someone Cancelled Your Call?

You called someone on Facetime on an Apple device, and they did not pick up? Now, you can get confused about whether it was declined or cancelled. But don’t worry. Here is how you can decide whether the call was truly declined or simply cancelled. 

  • Number of rings: Facetime calls usually ring ten or eleven times before indicating that the other person is not available. If the other person declines your call, there will certainly be fewer rings than usual. If you hear 1 or 2 rings, it means that your recipient hung up the call willingly. 
  • Notification: Keep an eye on the notification bar. If the call rings 11 times and no one declines, you are most likely to see a notification saying the call was not answered. 
  • Red “X”: On some Apple devices, a call is marked with a red “x” if the caller declined your call. You can try and check if your phone also has a similar feature. 


1. What does a cancelled call mean on Facetime?

A cancelled call means that the call was not successful. It can be either you or the recipient hung up with internet issues, the other person does not have a Facetime account, or you have been blocked. 

2. How do you know if someone blocked you on Facetime?

There is no straight method to know if someone has blocked you on Facetime. The best way to find out is to Facetime the person from another account. If it rings, then it means you have been blocked. 

3. Can I Facetime someone if they blocked me?

No, you will not be able to call the person anymore if they have blocked you on Facetime. You can use another number to ask them to unblock you. Until then, it is not possible to Facetime them. 

4. How many times does a Facetime call ring?

Usually, when you Facetime someone, you will hear 11 rings. However, if they cancel the call, then you will hear the ringing sound fewer times. You will hear only one or two rings if the person has blocked you already. 

5. Will the caller know if I decline a call on Facetime on an Apple device?

There will be no straightforward message to them that you have declined their calls. However, a caller can still understand by counting the number of times the call rings. Usually, Facetime rings eleven times. 

6. If I cancel a Facetime call before it rings, will it show as a missed call?

When you call someone, it takes some time to reach the other person. If you can cancel the call before it reaches the other person, then no, your recipient will get a missed call sign on their call log. 


A cancelled call on iPhone Facetime can mean a number of things, including being declined. However, all cancelled calls are not declined. Therefore, you should not be upset thinking that you are being ignored. Give your recipient some time before calling again. You can also try the hints of a declined call. 

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