Do Facetime Calls Automatically End: How to Continue Facetime Uninterrupted




Facetime is one of the most popular apps used by Apple users for making calls over the internet. The app is credited for HD calling. But do Facetime calls automatically end?

A direct answer is no. Apple has not introduced any feature yet to end a call automatically on Facetime. There is no time limit for a call either. You can continue your conversation as long as you want, provided that your battery does not run out and you have a strong internet connection. 

However, if your Facetime calls end automatically, then there can be some other reasons. Let’s explore more about Facetime calls ending to improve your experience. 

Reasons Why Your Facetime Calls End

As already mentioned, there is no such feature for Facetime ending right away automatically. So, here are the reasons for which your call can end without your participation:

Do Facetime Calls Automatically End

The Person Hung Up

Isn’t this the most obvious answer? If you have not ended a call, then surely it was the other person who did it. Maybe they had another incoming call, and so had to hang up, or there can be hundreds of other reasons. You should not blame Facetime or Apple for this. 

You can know if someone hung up on you on Facetime. You will hear a distinct chiming sound if the other person presses the end call button. 

Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection, among other reasons, is one of the most common reasons for Facetime call failures. You and the person need to have a stable internet connection to carry on your conversation. However, if one of you loses internet connection, the call ends. However, on such occasions, Facetime does not end right away. 

Mobile Data User Issue

Here is a thing. Some mobile network providers set a limit on your calls, even if they are online calls. You may experience Facetime hanging up after 4 hours, and it is basically done by your mobile data providers. They do this to ensure you have not fallen asleep and your date is not being wasted.  

Software Malfunction

Although it is related to your device, you should not blame Facetime for it. Software malfunctions can happen and often interrupt your Facetime calls. The problem can be more frequent when you do not update your iOS or applications. You can set auto-updates for your software so that you do have to face such problems. 

Receiving Another Call

Facetime ends immediately if you or the other person receives another call. There is no automatic feature for putting Facetime on hold. First, the call will be paused if there is an incoming call. If you answer the call, your Facetime call ends automatically.  

Dead Battery

I believe you already know that you cannot use Facetime if your battery is dead. There is nothing much to say here. If your iPhone runs out of battery, your Facetime automatically ends. So, make sure you have charged your device properly before making a long call. 

Large Temporary Files

This is a complicated issue with a simple solution. Every application saves some temporary files. Sometimes, these temporary files can crash an app or even the whole device. 

You must be aware that every application creates data when you use them. The data needs to be filed away somewhere, and it is done automatically. The longer you use it, the bigger the size gets. And if it gets too large, your Facetime may hang up on its own. 

How to Keep Your Facetime Away from Ending Automatically?

You are going to have an important call but are afraid that the call might end automatically? Well, now that you know what can cause the problem, you can prevent it easily. Follow these steps and take the necessary precautions:

  • Make sure you have a stable and fast-speed internet connection.
  • Keep mobile data as a backup plan for Wi-Fi issues. You will have enough time to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data if needed. 
  • Ensure your battery has enough power. If not, you can connect it and continue your conversation. Other than heating up, there are not any major side-effects of charging an iPhone during Facetime. 
  • Do not receive another call. If there is an incoming call, Facetime will pause, but it will continue as soon as you decline the incoming call. 
  • Keep your software and applications updated to avoid malfunctions.
  • Clear your storage manually. This video will help you learn to do this. 

What to Do If Facetime Automatically Ends?

Despite the necessary precaution, if your calls on Facetime end automatically, you can try the following actions to solve the issue:

Stay Near the Router

If your Facetime is failing frequently, it can be due to the internet connection’s instability. Do not move away far from the router to ensure a stable internet connection.

Check for Updates

You should check if there are any new updates for Facetime or your iOS. If yes, then you should update your device and applications right away. 

Check the Date and Time

You may also check if the date and time are alright. If the time or date is tempered, the Facetime server will not accept your call request. Choosing a different time zone can also have some effect.

Restart Your Device

If your FaceTime calls are failing or ending automatically, then try restarting your device. It will clear the load on the system by freeing up memory, fixing software defects, and preventing overheating. 


1. Why does my Facetime keep failing?

If your Facetime keeps failing, it can be due to a poor internet connection, outdated software, Facetime being disabled, or you might have been signed out of your Apple ID. 

2. Why do Facetime calls fail overnight?

The most common reason for Facetime failing overnight is a dead battery. Make sure your device is fully charged to avoid the issue. Other problems can include accidentally ending the call, auto updates of software, internet instability, etc. 

3. Does Facetime randomly hang up?

Yes, Facetime can hang up randomly due to several reasons. It can be a poor internet connection, a dead battery, auto-updates, outdated software, large temporary files, etc. 

4. How to keep Facetime going all night?

Facetime is designed to carry on a conversation as long as you or the other person is not hanging up. So, you can keep your Facetime going all night without changing any settings. Just make sure of battery power and internet connection. 

5. How to automatically end a Facetime call?

You can end a Facetime call automatically by utilizing the screen time feature that lets you set a time limit. When you reach your screen time, your call will automatically end.


Facetime is a very useful communication app and is praised by its users for providing undisturbed service. However, you may face some minor issues, like Facetime calls ending automatically sometimes. You can solve and prevent the problem by following the instructions given in the article. Happy Facetiming!

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