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Introducing the unique and convenient feature of FaceTime, allowing seamless video calls between Apple devices. However, imagine a scenario where you eagerly try to connect with a contact, only to find that their contact card not available for FaceTime. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Several solutions are there to solve the problem including disabling & enabling FaceTime App, offloading FaceTime, changing the ‘Display Name’ of contacts, etc.

Let’s explore this topic further and discover potential solutions to this perplexing predicament.

What Does Contact Card Not Available for FaceTime Mean?

A contact card not available for FaceTime occurs most of the time due to a bug or glitch in the FaceTime application.

At the same time, such a thing happens when the person you are trying to FaceTime with doesn’t have an account in FaceTime. Or the account is disabled for some reason.

Don’t presume that the person on FaceTime blocks you.

The reason is if you FaceTime a person who blocked you, the app says, “FaceTime unavailable.”

Meaning that “FaceTime Unavailable” and “FaceTime contact card no available” are not the same.

Contact Card not Available for FaceTime = The person has deactivated the FaceTime account or doesn’t have an account in FaceTime.

FaceTime Unavailable = The person has blocked you on FaceTime.

In a nutshell, you will be notified with this message because of the following causes,

  • The contact is not linked to the number or email in the provided error message.
  • The FaceTime call for the person is set to the email rather than the phone number or vice versa.
  • The person you are calling might be facing a temporary connection problem.

How to Solve Contact Card Not Available for FaceTime?

So, you already learned what causes the complication. Now, let’s figure out the solutions.

Solution 01: Disable & Enable FaceTime App

This is the most basic solution to the problem. All you need to do is turn off the FaceTime app and enable it. Here are the steps,

Step 01: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 02: Locate the FaceTime app by scrolling down.

Step 03: Toggle the slider to the left to deactivate it. The slider color will turn gray.

Step 04: Wait for a couple of minutes.

Step 05: Next, toggle the slider to the right to enable FaceTime. The slider color will turn green. Remember, you have to sign in using the Apple ID to turn FaceTime on.

Happily, many users solved the contact car unavailable for FaceTime problem following the above steps. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

Solution 02: Offload the FaceTime

Don’t know what offloading the FaceTime app means?

Let me be clear.

When you have enabled FaceTime on your iPhone, its settings and data are saved on the phone. When the app is full of data and settings, the executable files are removed from your phone, freeing the storage space.

By offloading an app, normal bugs and glitches can easily be eliminated to solve issues like “contact card unavailable for certain contacts.

The below steps will help you offload FaceTime.

Step 01: Go to Settings of your phone.

Step 02: Find out “General” by scrolling down and tapping it.

Step 03: Choose “iPhone Storage.”

Step 04: Tap on “FaceTime” by scrolling down.

Step 05: You will see an “offload app” title below the FaceTime app. Tap it.

Once offloading is completed, go to the home screen and open the app by tapping it. Be remindful the app will be downloaded again.

I believe the problem will be resolved with this solution.

Solution 03: Remove the Contact & Re-add

Remove the contact that has been showing contact cars are unavailable for FaceTime. Then re-add the contact.

How to do it. Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Tap on “Contact” and type the person’s name on the “Search” option.

Step 02: After finding the person’s name, select it and choose “Edit” from the top right corner.

Step 03: Then scroll down and select the “Delete Contact” option.

Important Note: Write down the number in your notebook and then delete it. Thus, the re-adding process will be easier.

After deleting the contact:

  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Once your iPhone is turned on, re-add the contact.
  3. Go to FaceTime and examine if the contact card is unavailable to resolve the FaceTime problem.

Solution 04: Change the ‘Display Name’ of Contacts

Are you facing a contact card being unavailable for FaceTime?

Nothing to worry about! The below steps will help you fix the error.

Step 01: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 02: Select Contacts.

Step 03: Choose “Display Order.”

Step 04: Change the Display Order to “Last Name, First Name” from “First Name, Last Name.”

Now re-check whether the contact card has re-appeared in the FaceTime field.

Solutions for contact cards not available in FaceTime can be done in different methods. However, if the problem still exists after following the above fixes, try the below steps carefully.

Step 01: Launch the FaceTime app on your phone.

Step 02: Select “Edit.” Next, tap the “–“ icon available next to every contact. This way, all the links will be removed from the application.

Step 03: Once all links are removed, you have to close the FaceTime.

Step 04: Restart your phone.

Step 05: Now, re-launch FaceTime and re-add the contacts.

Any FaceTime-related complications can easily be resolved by following the above steps.

Solution 06: Keep Your iPhone Updated

If your iPhone OS is not updated, update it with the latest version. It will help to avoid glitches or bugs causing the contact card to not be found for FaceTime.

So, how to update your iPhone. The process is extremely straightforward.

Step 01: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 02: Select “General.”

Step 03: Choose “Software Update.”

Step 04: Is any update available? Choose “Download and Install.”


How do I make my contact card available on FaceTime?

To make your contact card available on FaceTime,

  • Go to your iPhone settings,
  • Select “FaceTime,” and toggle on the option for “Contacts Available.” This will ensure that your contact card, including your phone number and email address, is accessible to others using FaceTime.

How do I activate my contact card on my iPhone?

To activate your contact card on your iPhone,

  • Open the “Settings” app, scroll down and tap “Contacts,”
  • Then select “My Info.” Choose your contact card from the list, which will be activated, ensuring your information is readily available to others on your iPhone.

Final Words

So, there you have it – the frustration of encountering contact card not available for FaceTime. Whether it’s due to mismatched contact information or temporary connectivity hiccups, being unable to access the contact card can be a real buzzkill when you’re eager to connect.

But fear not! By ensuring that the contact’s FaceTime settings align with the correct email or phone number and addressing any potential connectivity issues, you’ll soon be back on track to enjoy seamless video calls with your favorite people.

Stay connected, and happy FaceTime calling!

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