Can You Record a FaceTime Call without them Knowing?




There are many threads over “Can you record a FaceTime call without them knowing.” Some say it is impossible, while others state FaceTime doesn’t notify them.

In reality, FaceTime doesn’t have such a mechanism to alert or notify a user that the call is being recorded. It means you can record the FaceTime call without them knowing. However, there are state-wise laws about recording a conversation on FaceTime. So, knowing the rules and regulations before recording a FaceTime call is crucial.

I did lots of research and found many factors on the topic. Continue reading to find out more about my findings.

Can You Record a FaceTime Call without them Knowing

Can You Record a FaceTime Call without them Knowing?

The straightforward answer is YES.

FaceTime has a built-in screen recorder, allowing you to record the audio or video call. Moreover, you can record the call without the other person knowing.

iOS devices cannot let the other person know that their FaceTime call is being recorded. Even if you use a 3rd party app to record a FaceTime call, the other person will be unable to know it.

You can only know it when the person tells you that the FaceTime call is getting recorded. Otherwise, FaceTime doesn’t alert or notify the person that someone is recording their conversation.

It means if you want to record your FaceTime calls secretly, you can do this without trouble. Also, taking screenshots without the other person’s alert is possible. As a result, it creates a bigger privacy issue. In fact, it is a big loophole within Apple devices’ protection schematic.

Here are a few facts regarding the recording of FaceTime calls.

  • FaceTime users can record ongoing calls. They will be able to record the video of the call, not the audio, using the built-in recording mechanism.
  • Any participant can begin recording a call without the consent of other participants. FaceTime never notifies the user that their call is being recorded.
  • Whether the recording is audio or video, there are US laws on recording the conversations. The law varies from state to state. It would always be best to learn the laws before recording a conversation.
  • Note that the consent of 1 or 2 parties refers only to recording in public places. Recording someone without them knowing privately is grounds for legal action.

Does FaceTime Tell You When Someone Screen Records?

FaceTime doesn’t have an alerting system to tell when someone screens records. So, if you worry whether your FaceTime conversations are being recorded secretly by someone, you must be vigilant.

So, the big question arises, how to tell if someone is screen recording FaceTime?

Be attentive and look for suspicious activities of the other person during the call. Suspicious activities include,

  • Holding the phone in an unusual way
  • Sudden change in the behavior of the other person
  • Glitches in the video streaming performance

If you notice anything uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to end the call. Ask the person directly whether they are recording the conversation.

Wondering how to protect yourself?

  • Be careful with the person you FaceTime with
  • Be aware of the possibility of it happening

Different states in the USA have set different data protection policies. For instance, Arizona, Alaska, Alabama, etc. strict that FaceTime audio and video recording can be done if 1 party knows about the recording. Here 1 party can be the caller or the other person.

On the other hand, Florida, Delaware, Illinois, etc., are strict that recording the FaceTime audio and video can be done if the caller and the other person know about it. If you want to record the FaceTime conversation, you must seek consent from the other person.

Read the below chart giving you an idea of the law.

1-party Consent States2-party Consent States
IowaNew Hampshire
New Jersey 
New York 
New Mexico 
North Carolina 
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
North Dakota 
Rhode Island 
West Virginia 


Can a FaceTime video call be recorded?

Yes, FaceTime video calls can be recorded. You can follow different methods based on the platform and device. FaceTime has incorporated a screen-recording mechanism, allowing to record audio and video for iOS users.

Can someone see if you screenshot FaceTime?

No, the other person will not be alerted if you screenshot FaceTime. In fact, iOS devices can take screenshots of any screen, whether it is FaceTime, messenger, WhatsApp, or other apps.

Are FaceTime calls private?

FaceTime audio and video calls are protected through end-to-end encryption. It means the senders and receivers can only access the data and information. So, FaceTime calls are definitely private.

Can you record a FaceTime call on an Android?

Yes, an Android user can record a FaceTime call. However, you can’t join a FaceTime group call. An iOS user will send you a joining link. An Android user can easily join a FaceTime group call by clicking on the link. Make sure to use Chrome browser to join the FaceTime calls and record them.

Who Can Record a FaceTime Call?

Recording restrictions are not there. Whether you are in a group call or one-on-one conversation, anyone can document.

Final Words

Now you know, “Can you record a FaceTime call without them knowing.”

Recording a FaceTime call without the knowledge of the other participants raises ethical concerns and violates privacy norms. It’s important to respect the privacy and consent of others during conversations, whether in person or through digital platforms. 

Instead of seeking ways to record without detection, focus on open and honest communication with your contacts. The best approach is to discuss the intention to record and obtain consent from all parties involved. 

Prioritizing trust and maintaining ethical practices fosters healthy relationships and preserves the integrity of communication. Responsible and respectful behavior should always guide our interactions in the digital world and beyond.

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