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FaceTime is an ideal platform to have conversations with high video quality with friends and family. But sometimes misunderstandings happen, and someone may block you. Can you Facetime someone who blocked you?

No, you cannot FaceTime the person who blocked you. Facetime is only possible to use when both users are in their contacts. If any of the recipients block each other, then Facetime will not work. The other person has to unblock you before making calls.

Sometimes, you may not be able to reach others. It does not necessarily mean that the other person has blocked you. Let’s learn more about blocking on Facetime to have a better understanding.

Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You

How to Know If Someone Blocked You?

As already mentioned, someone is not reachable, but that does not mean that they have blocked you. There will be no notification to your end about this either. Still, with a few signs, you can know if someone has blocked you or not.

  • Try calling someone and see if you can reach them. If yes, then there is no question of blocking. However, if there is a message saying, “Facetime in unavailable,” then it means the other person put your contact into blocklist.
  • Try calling them from a different device and a different account. Are they reachable? Try again from your device. If it shows the same message, then yes, you are blocked.
  • Call them on their phone. Can you reach them? Blocking you on FaceTime will also automatically block your phone calls. They won’t reach any call from a blocked person. So, if you cannot reach them on their phone, then it confirms they have blocked you.
  • During a group call, try adding them. If your attempts fail, then they have blocked your number.

What Happens When You FaceTime Someone Who Blocked You?

You do not get any notification or message regarding getting blocked. Everything goes normally until you try to reach them. When you call them, it may go on ringing without them even knowing it. There can be unavailability notification as well.

However, in no way can you FaceTime them again as long as they do not unblock your contact. They won’t be able to call you either without unblocking.

Will I Know If They Unblock Me?

There won’t be any notification once being unblocked by someone. You can only notice it when they call, or you try to make a call, and it succeeds. There will be no restrictions on making calls anymore.

Maybe it would have been better if you had received a notification. But as of 2024, there is no such feature in FaceTime. You can know only when they reach you or if you regularly try calling them.

Additionally, they will not know how many times you tried to reach them. They will have no such data on their end. There will be no incoming call or message log to be aware of them.

How to Reach Them?

Getting blocked on FaceTime does not mean you cannot reach them. Is it an emergency? Then try the following methods to reach and ask for unblocking you.

Call from A Different Phone Number

The caller must have blocked your number. Do you have another number? Try that one. If it does not work, take help from a friend. When they answer, ask them to unblock. However, this may not work if they have already silenced unknown number calls to not receive calls on Facetime from unknown numbers.

Try Reach on Other Social Media

You can still contact them on different social media platforms. Try WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms where they are active. FaceTime is not connected to these platforms. Blocking you on Facetime won’t affect your connection to other social media.

Reach Via Mutual Friends

Someone who has blocked you on FaceTime might have also blocked you on other platforms. Calling from an unknown number may not help much either. The best option, therefore, is reaching through a mutual friend.

Contact the friend who is mutual to both of you and ask for help. There is no guarantee for this method to work, but it is still better and more effective.

Send an Email

It is unlikely for anyone to block you. Therefore, try sending an email. Mobile phones provide instant notifications for incoming mail. You might be able to reach them this way. Add a catchy headline in the subject menu to draw attention so that they open the mail. Also try random facetime calls from email addresses.


  1. Can I block someone who already blocked me on FaceTime?

No, you cannot block someone on FaceTime who has already blocked you. All calls and messages from you are already automatically rejected. Your attempts to block their ID would be redundant at this point.

  • Can you be blocked just on facetime?

No, you cannot be blocked just on FaceTime. When someone blocks you on FaceTime, you lose access to normal messages or phone calls, along with iMessage. Nonetheless, you can still reach them through third-party applications or other social media platforms.

  • Can you facetime a blocked contact?

Well, you cannot FaceTime someone who has already blocked you. The same goes for the person you have blocked. They won’t be able to call you. But can you call them? No, you cannot call them on FaceTime either without unblocking them. Facetime does not allow this.

  • How many contacts can I block on FaceTime?

There is no limit on the number of people you can block on FaceTime as of 2024. FaceTime allows you to block individual phone numbers and Apple IDs. You can add as many contacts as needed to the blocklist.

  • Will I face any problem if someone blocks me?

No, you will face no issues if blocked by someone on FaceTime. A block only prevents you from making FaceTime calls or sending FaceTime messages to that person. All your other iPhone functions and apps remain unaffected.


You cannot Facetime someone if they have already blocked you. You won’t notice it till you try to reach them. It is still possible to reach them through other media, but it is better not to bother them. The best option is to get help from friends to reach them.

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