Can You Call 911 on FaceTime Audio? (Yes, Conditionally)




There were many incidents where 911 dispatchers received audio calls from different devices and helped people. Such incidents raise one question among iOS users. They ask a question in Apple’s discussion forum frequently, is it possible to call 911 on FaceTime audio?

Yes, it is possible with a few conditions. As long as your carrier supports it, you can call 911 on FaceTime audio. Moreover, ensure you use the same account for your iCloud and FaceTime. With these conditions, you can call 911 on FaceTime with iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple watch.

This feature is damn beneficial in several situations. Read this comprehensive guide on “Can you call 911 on FaceTime audio” to know the limitations and regulations.

can you call 911 on facetime audio

Can You Call 911 on FaceTime Audio?

Are you an iOS user preferring FaceTime over conventional calling? If yes, then it is common to know if it is easy to call 911 through FaceTime.

As mentioned, if your carrier supports calling 911 during an emergency, a few dispatchers can speak with callers using FaceTime. In fact, a variety of iOS devices support it, such as,

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • iPod

So, whether can you call 911 using FaceTime audio relies on the 2 factors below,

  • Support of your carrier
  • Dispatcher’s capability in your region

In most cases, when callers call 911 via FaceTime, the dispatcher receives the call as a voice message without video.

One question might have popped into your mind, can deaf people call 911 on FaceTime audio?

  • For deaf, speech, and hearing disabled persons, and text to 911 is unavailable, a telecommunication relay service or a TTY will be helpful.
  • Also, avoid sending texts to 911. It is not workable 99.99% of the time.

How Can I FaceTime with 911?

Calling 911 via FaceTime is similar to making any other FaceTime call. Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Turn on the FaceTime app on your device. Make sure you have used your Apple ID to sign into FaceTime. You can find your Apple ID in Settings beneath FaceTime.

Important Note:

  • Are you using an iPod or iPad? In this case, you have to register with your email. This will help you get started.

Step 02: When making a general call via FaceTime, we enter the phone number in the app and hit the green button or phone symbol. While calling 911, we will do the same. For an audio call, tap the phone symbol. On the other hand, for video calls, tap the green FaceTime button.

With the above steps, you can call 911 on FaceTime audio. However, all counties or bounties cannot respond to your call. The responder will have to have FaceTime activated on their iOS device.

Another important note to remember is that the bounties or dispatchers will only receive audio calls.

How to FaceTime 911 on iPad?

If you think of FaceTime 911 using your iPad, here are the following steps.

Step 01: Do you have the FaceTime app on your iPad? If yes, then open it. If not, install it by visiting the App Store.

Step 02: Turn on Wi-Fi.

Step 03: Go to the calling feature.

Step 04: Type 911 and hit the phone symbol or the green FaceTime button. The call will be placed immediately.

Can You FaceTime 911 with Wi-Fi Calling?

Most of the time, iPhone users use other Apple products like the Apple Watch or iPad. They usually wear Apple watches when out and about. Also, kids in the home generally use iPad. What if you have an Apple watch or iPad in your hand during an emergency?

The good news is you can call 911 with your other Apple products. Here the condition is the product has to be connected to the Wi-Fi calling. Simultaneously, your carrier should support it. It basically permits your iPhone to offer cellular service over a Wi-Fi connection.

Be remindful that dispatchers will always receive a voice call whether you make an audio or video call. Also, calling 811, 511, 311, and 211 is impossible through Wi-Fi because it is unsupported.

Can You Video Call 911 on FaceTime?

No, video calling 911 on FaceTime is not possible.

However, several counties are trying to implement a video calling system that lets dispatchers receive a video call. But the process is time-consuming. Also, the implementation method varies from country to country.

In Georgia, a caller sends a link via SMS text, permitting dispatchers to access the camera by clicking on the link.

Whereas, in Florida, a cloud call management system called Carbyne has been implemented. It allows callers to video call 911. At the same time, a dispatcher can share the video with the respective unit with the help of the tool.


Can you FaceTime or text 911?

If your emergency call center opts for texting, you can communicate with dispatchers just as you would if you called them. Facetiming 911 is possible if only your carrier supports it.

What happens if your iPhone calls 911 using FaceTime?

When your iPhone calls 911 using FaceTime, the dispatcher receives an audio call. In this case, you have to keep in mind that. The dispatcher carrier should support FaceTime calling. Otherwise, they will not be able to reply to you. Luckily, most dispatcher carriers support FaceTime.

Why can’t you FaceTime 911?

You can’t FaceTime 911 for 2 reasons: your carrier doesn’t support it, and the dispatcher’s capability is limited in your region.

Does 911 accept texts?

A few and far between 911 centers now accept texts. 

Last Words

So, now you know the answer to the question can you call 911 on FaceTime audio.

The ability to call 911 on FaceTime Audio remains uncertain and dependent on various factors. In contrast, some users have successfully connected to emergency services through FaceTime Audio. It is important to note that the availability and reliability of this feature can vary across different regions and devices.

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